The Focus of Small Businesses For 2023

The Focus of Small Businesses For 2023

Small businesses are making necessary changes to be able to compete with larger companies and simply to cater to their audiences? needs. Below are some examples of what small businesses are focusing on in the new year in order to find success.

1) Leaning into automation

Small businesses tend to have the added touch of being more relatable to consumers due to the small and local mentality they have. Because of this, many small businesses don?t use automation because they feel it takes away a personal touch. However, automation is something small businesses should be taking advantage of as it makes so many processes much more seamless.

Automated emails, social media scheduling software, and SMS messaging are all ways small businesses can use automation to make their lives easier. You can still personalize many of these processes by using first names and adding in unique slogans or sayings. It simply helps to increase your brand awareness, and is something that small businesses will be putting more focus on in the new year?, says Daniel Bari, the vice president of Dreamland Jewelry.

2) Personalizing content

A major focus for 2023 for small businesses is the personalization of content via all social media platforms, email and website. Being able to connect with your customers is essential, and means more now than it ever did before.

Customers are always looking for more ways to engage with businesses, and creating personal content can help to increase interactions. Getting customers involved in the content, and making it interactive also helps to create loyalty between customers and your business.

3) Providing more learning opportunities for employees

From an employee perspective, small businesses are focusing on their wellbeing and incorporating ways in which they can expand on their skills, along with health wellbeing through a fitness booking system. Increasing the accessibility of learning resources by providing them digitally can help to include all employees when it comes to growing their knowledge?.

John Gluch the owner of The Gluch Group continues to say, ?small businesses want their employees to always feel there is a chance to grow within the company, and to expand their skills whenever possible. This benefits both the employees and the business, and helps to make a more agile company?.

4) Coworking spaces

Josh Bluman, the founder of Hoppy Copy remarks that, ?saving money and also resources is something that many small businesses are looking to achieve in 2023. Using a coworking space can help small businesses with doing this, as you are sharing office space with other like minded business professionals. A coworking space saves money for the business and also helps you to connect with other small companies which is great from a networking perspective.

It can lead to possible business opportunities, and simply to expand your network for future projects. Coworking spaces also allow for more creative workflow from employees, and are perfect for start up ventures as these spaces are more cost effective and can be a big enough space for a small number of people?.

5) Being sustainable

Sustainability is a big focus for small businesses in 2023 as consumers are wanting to see more eco-friendly businesses in the new year. There are many ways in which businesses can be more helpful to the environment from the packaging they use, to the processes they have within the office. Going paperless for example helps to reduce the amount of supplies needed which can help to keep extra waste out of the landfills.

And although small businesses are looking to make sustainability a focus, you have to be careful to not greenwash. There needs to be data and information to back up your claims, or customers will not be supportive.


Image Credits: Freepik

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