Use the Free Article Rewriter Tool Online to Rewrite Your Blog or Essay

Use the Free Article Rewriter Tool Online to Rewrite Your Blog or Essay

We live in the digital age, and there are thousands of websites, books, and magazines available on any subject. But what if you have a task to write an article for your blog website with the help of these references available to you? You can copy the content exactly as is, but plagiarism will be easily detected. Again, as a writer, to write a new article on its own requires lots of knowledge, writing skills, time, and effort. The article rewriter online tool comes in handy here, as it analyses the sentence and replaces some words with their closest synonyms. So, it keeps the original meaning of the sentence but in a new format.

This text rewriter tool is in demand among school and college students also for rewriting essays, thesis or blogs. Also, for the scientist to prepare an abstract for research work and submissions. Rewriting the content increases the content's uniqueness and makes it authorial.

What is a rewriting tool?

The Article Rewriter Tool allows the user to rewrite sentences without having to go through any complicated processes. Within a second, it provides you with a similar bit of content.

Let's take a look at one of the best article rewriting tools for the best results.

ArticleReword: A Free Online Reword Generator

ArticleReword tool is a writing assistant that rewrites your textual content to make it more influential and specific. It employs cleverly written algorithms to recognise your given textual content as completely as a wise human.After scanning your whole content, the tool makes all of the essential modifications to offer you an all-new document. It changes the words, terms, and even content style and makes your paragraph more specific.

How to use the ArticleReword Tool

1. Add Text: Type or paste your text into the input box.

2. Click Rewrite Button: Once you have inserted all your text, click on the Rewrite button below the input box. Within a few seconds, the Articlereword tool will generate a unique rewritten essay or article for you.

3. Copy and Use it: In the output text, the underlined words are the words or phrases that have been changed by the reword tool. Now copy this output text to use in your document.

An Exclusive Feature of the ArticleReword Tool:

One of the sole features of the ArticleReword tool is that the final output text contains underlined words that have been changed. If you want to choose another word instead of the underlined word, then just click on the underlined word. The tool will show you the 3 best synonyms for that word to use as per your views.

Benefits of Article Rewriter Tool

It Saves Time

The first and most important benefit is that it saves time. The tool identifies key words in the provided sentence or paragraph and replaces them with the most appropriate synonyms.

Prepare Unique Content

An article with duplicate content is of no use to the search engine, as it always prefers fresh and unique content. The article rewording tool rewords the text to make it unique.

7 Supported Languages

ArticleReword can rewrite in up to 7 different languages, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Indonesian.

Free of Cost

The rephrasing tool is completely free and can be used as many times as needed.


With the ArticleReword tool, it becomes easy for bloggers, content writers, essay writers, school and college students, and scientists to create a unique article document for their required submissions. Create unique content to engage your audience and readers.


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