What is the name of the phobia of fear of failure? The answer is

Question: What is the name of the fear of failure phobia ?

Answer: The name of the phobia for fear of failure is Atychiphobia.

Atychiphobia is a recognized fear which linked with a strong feeling of thoughts becomes phobia, usually, each and every person have their own phobias, like some people have acrophobia (fear of fight), aqua phobia (fear of water) and Aerophobia (fear of flying), but here is the discussion about Atychiphobia, means fear of failure.

This Fear is common among lot of people and when it becomes phobia some unusual and illogical actions occur. If this Fear continuously increases the duration to the existence, then it shows the symptoms of abnormalities and put limits to a person too much to do anything. This accuracy is entitled Atychiphobia and person having Atychiphobia cannot be able to get any chance to overcome.

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