Health Benefits of Giloy

Giloy is a very important herb in Ayurveda. It is a perennial climbing herb which is also known as Amrita because of its numerous medicinal properties. The stem and leaves are used in medicinal preparations. It is bitter in taste. It has gained tremendous popularity when it was said that it can cure Swine Flu. It offers a large number of benefits and is something you should definitely add to your lifestyle. Here on this page, we will see some of the useful health benefits of Giloy.

Health Benefits of Giloy

Giloy Botanical Name - Tinospora Cordifolia
Family - Menispermaceae
Habitat - All Over India

Giloy Gives Immortality and Increases Life Span. It is highly used in medicines for its beneficial actions in anti-diarrhoeal, anti-pyretic, aphrodisiac, anti-helminthic, brain tonic, and blood purifier.

Giloy can Cure or Help in following Disease

Degenerative diseases, jaundice, gout, vomiting, anorexia, piles, bronchitis, allergic dermatitis, diabetes mellitus, cataract, gastritis, palpitation, vertigo, anaemia, hyperpyrexia, splenomegaly, metrorrhagia, wrinkles, burning sensation, renal diseases, premature greying of hair.

Health Benefits of Giloy

Giloy Benefits for Diabetes

Giloy is very effective and acts as a hypoglycaemic agent in diabetes. It can lower the levels of blood pressure and lipids. This makes it very easy to treat type 2 diabetes. Diabetic patients can also take Giloy juice in order to reduce high levels of blood sugar.

Enhances Immunity

Giloy is a rejuvenating agent, due to its antioxidant properties it enhances the efficiency of white blood cells and thereby boosts an immunity system of the body.

Giloy Plant Benefits in Asthma

One solution in asthma is definitely Giloy. It has often been used by experts to treat asthma patients.

Removes Toxin

It removes the toxin from liver, kidneys and anti-bacterial agent. It also helps to fight against diseases related to liver, urinary tract infection.

Boosts Immunity

The most important benefit of Giloy is its ability to boost immunity. It acts as a rejuvenating agent too. Giloy contains antioxidant properties that improve health and fight dangerous diseases. Giloy also removes toxins from both the kidneys and the liver and makes sure to flush out free radicals.

Treatment of Chronic Fever - Health Benefits of Giloy

It is used as an antipyretic agent, Giloy is used for the treatment of dengue and malaria.It increases blood platelet count.

Stress Reliever

It is an adaptogenic herb, as it can relieve mental stress.

Cure Allergy - Health Benefits of Giloy

If you are suffering from any kind of skin diseases if Giloy juice is taken with neem and amla it is very effective.

Treatment of Skin Disease

Giloy Juice combined with Neem and Amla can be used for skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

Anti-Aging Properties

It is an anti-ageing agent and keeps us young. It contains anti-ageing properties that reduce dark spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles. It keeps your skin bright, young and beautiful.

Treatment of Digestive Disorder/Constipation

Giloy juice taken with buttermilk is ideal for indigestion and piles. Giloy along with jaggery helps to relieve constipation.

Helps with Piles - Health Benefits of Giloy

It is also reported to provide relief in piles and dysentery. Several Ayurveda doctors recommend the use of it as a treatment for piles. However, it is always better to consult your doctor before trying anything.

Prevents Cancer

Recent studies convey that fresh juice of the plant is very beneficial is the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Promotes Memory

It is known to promote memory and longevity, by curbing oxidative destruction to cells and removing toxins to brain cells. It also cleans out the brain toxins that disturb mental function.


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