Mango Juice Benefits in Summer

Mango Juice Benefits - Its summer time and the king of fruits is back in the market to rule. Yes, the lovely one of the delicious in taste and the healthy fruit, its the mango fruit. The fruit isn’t just eaten but additionally hand-squeezed to obtain the pulp to create juice. Here on this page, we will see health benefits of mango juice and its nutritional content.

 Health Benefits of Mango Juice

Nutritional Value in Mango Juice

One cup of mango juice contains calories (128), protein (<1 gm), carbohydrate (0.8gm). It is also loaded with vitamin C, A, B, E, & K. Minerals like potassium (61gm), calcium (43 gm), magnesium (8 gm), phosphorous (5 gm), iron (0.9 gm), selenium (1 mcg), sodium (13 gm). One cup of mango juice contains about 60% of your daily requirement of vitamin C and 40% of daily requirement of vitamin A.

Health Benefits of Mango Juice in Summer

Mango Juice Benefits to Maintain Blood Pressure Level

Mango juice is amazingly full of potassium that is essentially the most important mini elements for cardio workouts vascular health. One glass along with mango juice comprises around 300mg of potassium to be had, therefore, it will help to build-up heart muscular tissue, enhance the top quality of blood, restrain blood pressure level, enhance the function of the central nervous system along with a substantial equilibrium of fluid chemistry.

Enhances the Immune System

Vitamin C, vitamin A, and carotenoids can be obtained in mango juice. It is very constituents combine to maintain immunity. So the body will not be easily affected by the disease.

Health Benefits of Mango Juice in Weight Gain

Mango shake is highly beneficial in gaining weight because of the presence of adequate amount of protein both in milk and mango. The underweight people can drink mango shake regularly during summer. 150 grams of mango has about 86 calories, and starch easily converts into sugar thereby helps in weight gain. This is the most important health benefits of mango shake.

Clears the Skin

The advantage of mango juice is it improves the beauty of the skin by giving important nourishment in wonderful amounts. Acne, pimples along with other skin issues may be treatable by utilizing the mango fruit outwardly. You need to simply use the mango pulp on the skin for around 10 mins. Right after the recommended time, wash the skin along with tepid water.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Mango juice nourishes your body with sufficient amounts of Vitamin C. The pectin and Vitamin C combine to facilitate the human body by lowering the serum cholesterol levels, especially Low-Density Lipoprotein.

Mango Juice Benefits in Anemia

Iron is one of the most significant nutrients; its deficiency may lead to several severe health issues including anemia. You can provide your body a notable amount of iron by consuming one serving of mango juice every day. Mango juice is very advantageous for the to-be-mothers as they require a high content of iron.

Mango Juice Benefits for your Eyesight

Drink mango juice can help essential nutrients for the body, namely, vitamin A. Mango juice can cope the dry eye so that the eyes look more refreshed and improve your eyesight.


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