How Managers Impact Mental Health of Employees

How Managers Impact Mental Health of Employees

We've been hearing more and more of important terms like ‘work-life balance', ‘burnout', ‘anxiety', and more ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to change our lives so drastically. Working from home and things like that have amplified our need to look after our mental health in a big way.

While it's important for employees to do what they can for themselves, managers also play a part in this as well. They can directly influence an employee's mental health in a positive - or negative - way. We suggest managers try to influence it positively.

Here's just a few thoughts on how they can do that:

Providing Health and Care Benefits

“Providing health and other benefits can make a major difference on the mental health of employees. Things like vision, hearing, and dental can help keep employee's healthy, not the mention the benefits they could get from a mental health program of some sort. If a company can provide these types of benefits to an employee, you can really help your employees.”

Submitted by Jason L. Arthur, Co-Founder of LookupAPlate.

Showing Empathy and Simply Caring

“As managers, we have a responsibility of looking out for employees. And the more empathy we show, the better manager we can be. That includes our employee's mental health.

There are a million reasons why managers should care for and tend to their employee's mental health, but the biggest one should be that it is your responsibility. When you take responsibility of a company and pledge yourself to the people involved, that doesn't only include the projects they work on and the money they can make you. That also means their mental health and the pressures you place on them.

Managers should learn the right buttons to press and how to positively influence how they live and work. Understand your employees, figure out how they operate and do good things for them.”

Submitted by Mark Agnew, CEO and Founder of

Giving Them the Tools They Need

“Trying to accomplish your goals without the tools you require can be extremely frustrating. It can add stress to your life, as well as increasing anxiety and putting more pressure on yourself. Oftentimes, employees will feel like they are inadequate and even get discouraged with yourself to the point of being exhausted, but they simply don't have the tools they require in order to succeed.

A manager can help their employee by giving them the tools they need to do their job properly. They can learn what an employee needs by talking with them about their job, or even sitting in with them as they work. Once they can understand what the employee needs, they can give it to them in order to help them perform better, and also feel better as they do it.

If they fail to give them the tools they need, the employee could end up feeling stressed, anxious, and eventually burnt out.”

Submitted by Brian Porter, CTO of Dream Home Studio.

Bottom line: Understanding is Step One

If managers can understand and work at helping employees with their mental health, then they will be making huge steps for their company. Mental health in the workplace is important and managers have an understanding of what they can in order to be effective. We hope these few tips have helped, and look out for more to come in the future!


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