How profitable is online sports betting?

How profitable is online sports betting?

Sports betting is often equated with gambling, which is not entirely accurate. There is no denying that sports betting involves an element of luck, but through careful analysis of matches, you can reduce this factor. Those who make statements to the contrary demonstrate a lack of understanding of the subject matter.

Often, sports betting is presented solely from the perspective of addiction. There are three important points to make on this matter:

  1. They are correct; addiction is a real danger associated with sports betting. 
  2. Influencers who offer "star tips" do not help combat addiction. Many young people have entered the world of sports betting through these influencers, often losing substantial amounts of money through subscriptions and unsuccessful bets. In trying to recoup their losses, many have fallen into addiction. This has become a real problem that gambling regulatory bodies are working to solve.
  3. As a result, many people associate sports betting with addiction. It may be challenging to explain to these individuals that there are strategies to protect themselves from addiction. Therefore, convincing them that sports betting can be profitable through the application of certain methods will be difficult.

This is how sports betting is often portrayed. Therefore, this article will provide you with simple tips to implement, with the goal of making profitable sports bets and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Take advantage of bookmaker bonuses

It is apparent that the most effective way to make a profit in sports betting is to take advantage of welcome bonuses.

Why? Because bookmaker bonuses typically refund your first bet, with an average maximum limit of ?100. Therefore, a reimbursable bet is more likely to be profitable.

There are two types of welcome bonuses:

  • A welcome bonus given as free bets (or bonus bets) New Online Casino Reviews in Italy. The main disadvantage of this bonus is that you must wager it again before you can withdraw it. Additionally, when you place a bet with a bonus bet, the wager vanishes, and you can only withdraw the profits earned from it. In short, it is not the best option, but it does provide some security when placing your first bet.
  • A welcome bonus paid in cash. This is significantly better as you can withdraw the bonus directly to your bank account.

Niche Sports Betting

What is a niche sport? It is a sport that is simply less publicized.

When we talk about a niche sport (or market) in sports betting, we are talking about a sport or competition that has very little betting on it. We contrast sports with mass sports, which are bets.

I think you can guess, mass markets are all about football. It is really the royal sport, in many countries it is concentrated one + 2/3 of bets, that is, the dominance of football on the others.

But we can consider tennis or basketball (especially NBA) as mass markets, in France.

Be careful because mass markets are not the same from country to country. For example, in the US, American football and baseball are clearly mass sports. Whereas in Europe, these are largely confidential disciplines and therefore niche sports.

Horse racing is a thrilling and exciting activity that can offer huge potential rewards for bettors. Kranji horse racing tips can be an invaluable resource for those looking to maximize their chances of success. These tips provide valuable insights into the form of horses, the track conditions, jockey form and more, allowing bettors to make informed decisions and increase their chances of winning.

Avoid Mass Sports

Football betting is less profitable than other sports. Why? Simply because bookmakers are very strong in soccer and big sports in general.

They have powerful software and access to a lot of data, which allows them to adjust the odds as accurately as possible.

Online betting sites are very strong in football, and it's hard to blame them. Logically, information and news about this sport is abundant and easily accessible (which is not the case with minor sports, but we'll come back to that later).

This has an important implication for us punters. You will have much fewer value bets on football. A value bet is a bet that you believe is priced too high.

The stake is what makes your bet profitable, but when betting on soccer, you will be less likely to find value. It is best to try to specialize in a niche sport.


To be profitable, it's best to specialize in one or two sports at most. Specialization can also mean developing expertise in a lesser-known football league.

The idea is to choose a sport or league about which there is little information available, but requires a minimal amount of follow-up work. The internet is full of enthusiasts, including YouTube channels, sports information sites, very specialized blogs, and even fan forums that can provide valuable information.

In these sports, you can be on equal footing with bookmakers and sometimes even have information that they do not have. It is in these lesser-known sports that bookmakers are least comfortable and may only publish odds a few hours before the game.

For us as players, these are the sports where we can find value.

Place single bets

Single bets are the most profitable. It is best to avoid making combined bets, which can increase your chances of losing even more. This means that you may have to give up the "boost" bonuses that bookmakers offer when you place a bet.

When you add matches, you multiply your chances of losing, and betting too much on one match can result in losing everything. Generally speaking, you will not be profitable when betting on combinations.

Live bets are also not very profitable, as they may lead to irrational behavior. Many bettors, including beginners, may bet randomly without managing their bets. In addition, live odds are lower on average than pre-match odds.

If you are new to sports betting, it is recommended that you avoid live bets and focus on pre-match bets.

Profitable single bets

You've got the idea that betting on singles and pre-match bets will allow you to be profitable, but let's go further.

To be profitable, you must go through the mandatory stage of sports betting analysis to generate value bets, i.e., interesting odds. You also need to know how to manage your bankroll and bets so that you don't lose all your money on sports betting.

This technique, which consists of betting on single bets, is mostly done on the favorite of the match. For the method to be profitable, the player or team must have odds between 1.60 and 2.50, and if possible, be of value.

Why these odds? Betting on bets with lower odds forces you to achieve a huge level of success that you may find difficult to achieve.

As you know, surprises are common in sports betting, and small odds are not immune to them. There is no such thing as a 100% safe bet.

Betting on small odds will not make you profitable. On the other hand, with odds starting from 1.60, it becomes possible if you make the right choice.


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