How to Convert WebP Google Image to PNG?

How to Convert WebP Google Image to PNG?

WebP (Google Web Picture) is the latest web graphics format that uses compression techniques for reducing file size without any quality loss. This image file format is mainly used around the web to improve the website loading speed at an optimal level. While PNG is a lossless image type that is loaded with transparency and mainly used for photographs, digital images, and more. But, sometimes you need to change webp file to png for certain concerns, this is where you have to account these given Webp to PNG converters.

Although WebP is a new image format developed by Google, it is still not supported by all devices as well as operating systems. This is why theonlineconverter provides ease of converting one or more webp files to png images without any quality loss for free.


No matter what type of file conversions you want to proceed, this online web-dependent application does all for you in a matter of seconds. It requires only a few clicks to save webp files as high quality png format. The upside is that this online conversion tool works best on all operating systems and devices, too.

How to Convert WebP file to PNG using Cloudconvert?

  • Navigate to the Cloudconvert and start creating account (if required)
  • Then, you need to choose “Select Files” and import the webp image for conversion
  • Make a choice for PNG as the output format from the given list
  • Proceed with additional options or settings according to webp to png preference
  • Now, click the “Start Conversion” button and wait for a while
  • A converted PNG file is ready to download


No doubt this web-based source mainly allows you to deal with Gif files conversion, still providing you with the best WebP to PNG converter. This platform is loaded with a wide array of features to work with animated GIF, image, and different other file formats. Get this online converter utility right now and export webp as png online for free of cost.

How to Change WebP Images to PNGs using Ezgif?

  • Open Ezgif website, make a click on the WebP to PNG option from the Image Tools section
  • Then, hit the Choose File button and add the webp file
  • Once you selected the webp file, you need to click on the Upload button
  • You can even make additional settings (optionally)
  • Hit Convert to PNG button
  • Get the newly converted PNG raster image file by clicking on the Download button


There you can fetch innumerable online free version converters that lets you make reliable and quick conversions for different file formats. You can get an online WebP to PNG converter that lets you make conversion without any huge manual intervention. The great thing is that it lets you make file transformations on all devices and OS without any hassle.

How to Save WebP as PNG using Convertio?

  • Open Convertio and upload Webp image file there
  • Once done, proceed further by choosing PNG as the exported image file format
  • Move on by choosing any additional options or settings according to your preference
  • Hit the Convert button and for a couple of seconds until the file conversion is completed
  • Finally, save your newly exported PNG on your system storage


This is one of the best and easy to navigate online converter sources that is loaded with more than 100 tools. It is loaded with WebP to PNG, JPG to PNG, PNG to SVG, JPG to TIFF, PDF to AI, and more tools. The upside is that it supports nearly all types of PDF related converters to work with PDF documents. It provides you with advanced settings for converting WebP files to PNG. Don’t fret as it supports quality preservation features, this means it retains original quality while making conversion.

How to Turn WebP into PNG using theonlineconverter?

  • First, visit theonlineconverter and type webp to png converter into the search bar
  • Once opened, add webp files using any given methods
  • Then, click Convert button
  • Press Download all button to save all the newly generated PNG images


No huge manual intervention involves making conversions for audio, video, document, image and more files conversion with this online utility. You can make a couple of clicks to create PNG from an uploaded WebP file with this online webp converter. Quit worrying about the device and operating system compatibility as it works tremendously everywhere.

How to Convert WebP to PNG using Zamzar?

  • Open Zamzar and click Choose Files button to add the WebP file for conversion
  • Now, choice for PNG as the output format from the provided drop-down list
  • Then, you need to add the email address for getting the download file link after conversion
  • Very next, make a click on the Convert button to proceed with conversion
  • At last, check your provided email to get the download PNG image file

Thankfully, you explored the best ways that allow you to quickly convert one or couple of Google WebP files into PNG images for free.


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