How to Earn Money from Bluechip App?

How to Earn Money from Bluechip App?

BlueChip App Wages

If a player has been searching for a reliable and convenient game platform for a while, the BlueChip application is a useful option. Due to the company's license from the Curacao Gambling Commission and its leverage of cutting-edge encryption to safeguard the information, all clients are secure. Due to its well-designed structure, the software is user-friendly. The home screen provides direct access to all of the App's sections. The casino section offers games from the most reputable providers in the market, and it offers more than 40 various sports events.

BlueChip Application for Android

For players who frequently lack access to a computer or are on the go, software for Android devices is a good option. It has minimal system needs and reduces device traffic. Simply download Bluechip app to your Android device, and with the unique instruction manual, you can be sure that new Indian users won't have any trouble with the process. You can find it below:

  1. Open the Official Website via the link;
  2. Load the APK. Scroll down to the bottom of the site and press the button to upload the file;
  3. Start the downloaded file. Use the folder and click on the installer;
  4. After the process is finished, utilize the setting button and then create a profile in the application.

As a result, the gambling software is lightweight and doesn't take up a lot of space on your device.

bluechip app for android ios

BlueChip App for iOS

The business also created an iOS App, which is equally as user-friendly as the software for Android devices. The application allows you to wager and play casino activities. Additionally, the functionality has not been altered in any way, so it is still possible to use the same bonuses and features that are available on the business website. The App is not a terrible choice for mobile gaming and holds its own against other programs. The procedure of downloading software for iOS devices is simple. To make sure the gambler won't have any issues with it, all directions together are presented below:

  1. Use the official BlueChip website. Open the link from this review to go to the company's official site;
  2. Get the software. Push the “Share” icon at the bottom of the screen. A little new window will open;
  3. Add an application to the home screen. Now utilize the “Add to home screen” function. When you have done just press “Add” and this will be the consent to carry out this action.

4 Steps of BlueChip Application Installation

Setting up the BlueChip App will provide you with the possibility to get fast access to the usage process. Instructions on how to set up the App are presented below:

  1. Use your device's tunings and there allow “Install applications from unknown sources”;
  2. Then open the folder where the App tool was downloaded;
  3. Go to the APK file and use the configure option;
  4. Open the software and create an account on it.

There are no viruses in the BlueChip software because it has undergone multiple rounds of virus testing.

Application Registration Process

It's simple to create a profile in the BlueChip App, and the procedure is essentially the same as on the website. Simply follow the advices below:

  1. Open up the App via the icon on your smartphone's home screen;
  2. Use the registration button on the home page of the application;
  3. Complete each item of the form with relevant data about yourself;
  4. Approve the creation of the profile by clicking on the appropriate button.

You will need the credentials that were used to create an account in the future to log into other accounts, so keep track of them.

Welcome Bonus

All new customers will receive a +400% up bonus to their account amount through the BlueChip welcome app. The bonus's details and the associated deposit number are listed below:

Deposit number Amount of bonus received as a percentage
1st deposit bonus 150%
2nd deposit bonus 50%
3rd deposit bonus 75%
4th deposit bonus 125%

The player will have seven days to wager, and they must wager the bonus sum 50 times.

Sports Betting Options

The company's gambling is extensive and features more than 40 sports. Here are some of the most well-known types:

  • Cricket App. Cricket is popular in South Asian countries, which is why BlueChip decided to add it to its sportsbook. Within the sport, there are Match Winner, First Innings, Will there be a tie, Team with top bowler, Team with top batter, etc;
  • Football App. Football receives the most attention from the company. Within each match, there are more than 10 different outcomes, including Match Winner, Double chance, Total, Asian total, Draw no bet, First Goal, Handicap, etc.

Esports Bets in the Application

A promising area in the world of computer games is e-sports. There are competitions in the Cybersports sector with reward amounts in the hundreds of thousands of INR. E-sports will eventually catch on, that is why the program includes genres like these:

  • King of Glory;
  • Rainbow Six;
  • Starcraft;
  • League of Legends;
  • Dota 2;
  • CS:GO.

Bet Types

A gambler can make bets on various results using the App. Although they differ from sport to sport, they are present across a broad range of disciplines. Their core is explained below:

  • Match Winner. Both beginner and experienced gamblers use this form of betting. The participant rates money on one of the teams to triumph. The result is simple to predict, and a gambler who is familiar with the teams in a given event stands a good chance of winning big;
  • Total. The player bets on the total number of points earned by the teams in the entire game or a specific segment of it in total gambling. The stake requires careful analysis in order to succeed because it is complicated and more reliant on luck. This result has a medium level of risk;
  • Handicap. The player will wager on this handicap on points within that result. The handicap result is challenging and is typically only used by seasoned competitors. The handicap is a challenging result that is typically only applied by seasoned bettors;
  • Best Player. It is a wager on the individual who was most important to his team's success. These kinds of wagers are common in team sports. Gamblers who are familiar with the different teams' stars frequently wager on this result.


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