How to Get the Most Out of Microdosing Cannabinoids

How to Get the Most Out of Microdosing Cannabinoids

Have you heard more and more about Microdosing in the cannabis industry? Are you wondering if there's a way that you can use your cannabinoids to get the benefits of micro-dosing?

Microdosing is a method that a lot of people are interested in these days. There's a lot of credibility behind getting the benefits without having to take in a lot of it.

To learn more about how to get the most out of Microdosing cannabinoids, keep reading.

Start With a Low Dose

When it comes to microdosing cannabinoids like CBD and THC, a good starting point is, to begin with a low dose. Low-dose micro-dosing is a great way to determine your tolerance levels, as well as determine if the cannabinoid will have any noticeable effects.

Once you determine your tolerance level, you can gradually increase your dose. It is vital to remember that everyone metabolizes cannabinoids differently, and what works for your friend or family member may not work for you.

Keep a Journal

Writing down your experience allows you to track your progress, analyze how you're progressing, and understand what works best for your body. Your journal should include the following:

  • cannabinoid type
  • route of administration
  • dose
  • time of the day

Also include how the product made you feel before, during, and after dosing, and any other experiences you may have had while using the product.

Keeping tabs on the make, model, and dosage you're working with can help you better understand what you need and how to adjust the dosage if necessary. A journal also enables you to stay accountable and make a note of any changes in lifestyle while using the product.

Find Your Optimal Dosage and Schedule

Finding your optimal dosage may take some experimentation, but it will be worth it when you find the perfect balance. Understand the product you are using, the desired effects, and how it will interact with other supplements you are taking.

When in doubt, consult your healthcare provider. Finally, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep is vital to ensure optimal results from Microdosing when trying different types of cannabinoids.

Observe Different Extraction Methods

When achieving the most out of microdosing cannabinoids, whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes, it's important to observe different extraction methods

Different cannabinoids will be more concentrated in one method or the other, so it is vital to evaluate each one for a particular product. Also, it is beneficial to consider the quality of the starting material used for extraction.

You can compare ethanol vs co2 extraction and find out which method offers the most benefits for you. Note that poor-quality cannabis can lead to contaminated extracts of cannabinoids which may not be helpful.

Get the Most Out of Microdosing Cannabinoids

Microdosing cannabinoids is a great and efficient way to use the benefits of cannabinoids to your advantage. It allows you to find the right dose that suits you, experience the desired effects, and maintain the same level of effects over time. If you are looking for the most out of your cannabinoid experience, give microdosing a try today!

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