How to Make a Lucrative Career with a Degree in BCom?

How to Make a Lucrative Career with a Degree in BCom?

Your future job and scope should be the main consideration while deciding which degree to take. Perhaps, the range of employment options available right now makes BCom one of the most well-liked undergraduate programs in India, and choosing the right vocation following a BCom is also essential to a successful professional life.

So, as a Commerce student, do you wonder how to get the best job once you graduate? If yes, you can read our post for appropriate solutions and learn more about how the best BCom colleges in Tamilnadu can aid in your job preparation.

  Table of Contents:

   1. Bachelor of Commerce- Course Overview

   2. How Can a BCom Graduate Make a Successful Career?

   3. Which sectors can offer you a lucrative career as a BCom graduate?

   4. Rewarding job opportunities after a BCom degree

   5. Reasons to choose Cheran Arts and Science College for your BCom courses

   6. Final Thoughts

   7. FAQs

Bachelor of Commerce- Course Overview

With approximately 9 lakh students enrolled, BCom is popularly listed among the most desired courses after the 12th standard. Moreover, this degree is a good starting point for those who desire to learn the fundamentals of management and commerce sections.

BCom Specifics

Criteria Description
Level of Degree Undergraduate
Duration 3 Years (Semester mode)
Basic Eligibility Criteria ● Candidates must complete their 10+2 with at least 50% or an equivalent grade.
● At the time of admission, applicants must be at least 17 years old (the maximum age limit is 25)
Average Course Fee Ranges between INR 10,000 to 50,000 or above

How Can a BCom Graduate Make a Successful Career?

A BCom degree offers a lot of prospects, but in today's competitive work market, it typically isn't enough to land a high-paying position. That is why, to build a successful career in this profession, students must enroll in further courses. And, following are some of the most well-liked courses available nowadays:

Course Description
Master's in Commerce (MCom) Those with a BCom degree are the target audience for this postgraduate program, which aims to give students extra resources and in-depth expertise. Moreover, some of the BCom colleges in Tamilnadu offer this 2-year course and is appropriate for those who want to hone their abilities and get insight on how to properly use their theoretical knowledge in the workplace.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) MBA is a two-year postgraduate study that provides students with updated knowledge and guarantees they have the education and know-how necessary to work in any field of their choosing. Also, the degree offers up a variety of employment choices, so a student is not limited to working in a certain industry or field after receiving it.

Which sectors can offer you a lucrative career as a BCom graduate?

The best colleges for BCom in Tamilnadu go above and beyond to give you thorough training and employment prospects in the following areas:

1. Accounting

Because business, finance, and other related subjects are increasingly acknowledged on a global basis as a common language, this sector has significant potential, and graduates are being hired by respected companies with competitive wage packages. Additionally, the average income in this field is INR 4.78 to 5 LPA.

2. Finance

Given that it is a sector of the economy made up of businesses and institutions that offer financial services to wholesale and retail customers, it presents significant employment prospects. For those with a BCom degree, this industry also includes a wide range of opportunities, such as working in banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and real estate corporations.

3. Computer Application

As the most demanding industry, which completes particular duties, it allows graduates to take advantage of the job profiles of a Business Analyst, Computer Programmer, App Developer, Accountant, and other similar roles. Additionally, the typical pay in this sector is roughly 4-5 LPA, but better education in related fields raises wages on average.

Rewarding job opportunities after a BCom degree

A wide variety of rewarding positions are available for BCom degree holders in both the public and commercial sectors. As a result, our below sections will serve as an overview of all the opportunities you can explore after graduating from the colleges in Tamilnadu.

Corporate Job Options

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Account Executive 2 - 3 LPA
Digital Marketer 3 - 9 LPA
Business Analyst 2.5 - 6 LPA
Financial Risk Manager 2 - 10 LPA
Accountant 2.5 - 5.9 LPA

Popular Competitive Exams for BCom Graduates

Name of the Exam Description
SBI Clerk SBI conducts this Clerk test each year to recruit candidates for vacancies in the Clerical Cadre. The Junior Associate (Customer Support and Sales) post, however, receives a large number of applications each year.
SSC CGL Exam The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level (SSC CGL) exam on a nationwide scale to choose candidates for Group-B and Group-C positions in various ministries, departments, and government organizations across India.
IBPS Clerk For posts in the clerical cadre of India's public sector banks, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts a common recruitment procedure (CRP). Moreover, public sector banks recruit applicants for their different branches based on CRP scores.
RBI Grade B Officer To directly hire Grade B Officers in Combined Seniority Group (CSG) streams, the Reserve Bank of India organizes RBI Grade B recruitment. Moreover, as the country's central bank, RBI conducts hiring exams each year to fill a range of roles.
SBI PO State Bank of India (SBI) administers the SBI PO exam each year to select candidates for the probationary officer job. However, numerous applicants apply for the exam following the number of positions, but only a small number are ultimately chosen.

Reasons to choose Cheran Arts and Science College for your BCom courses

  • This institution, which ranks among the best arts and science colleges in Tamilnadu, provides technically and professionally competent education under the direction of field experience-focused faculty.
  • Its BCom course curriculum includes some fantastic field-focused internships, workshops, and lectures to help students hone their key competencies.
  • Top job alternatives are made possible by a future-oriented 100% placement assistance with top recruiters.
  • The college has outstanding infrastructure and comprises libraries, sports facilities, a canteen, and much more.
  • It uses cutting-edge teaching and learning strategies per industry expectations as one of the best BCom colleges in Tamilnadu.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a BCom degree prepares students for both the corporate world and entrepreneurship and students who complete this program get great commercial and financial understanding that they can apply to their professional or business endeavors. Additionally, compared to other degrees, the course offers a greater range of applications, and since BCom graduates have such a broad and diversified background in education, many organizations choose them over other graduates.


1. What category does commerce fall under?

The study of commerce involves engaging in trade and business activities including the exchange of goods. Therefore, all those commercial activities that are related to the sale and purchase of products and services and promote their accessibility for consumption and use are included in the essential courses of the best BCom colleges in Tamilnadu.

2. Which are the best BCom courses that align with the current job industry?

BCom in Professional Accounting, Accounting and Finance, and Computer Application are among the top-ranked BCom programs in India. However, these programs provide opportunities for employment in fields like banking, trading, marketing, retail, logistics, etc.

3. What is the ultimate purpose of B.Com academic programs?

Students who pursue a bachelor's in commerce get corporate and entrepreneurial skills as well as preparation for future senior and managerial roles. Additionally, such students will have the opportunity to study more about the business and financial sectors, which will help them make better investment choices.


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