How To Store Pliers

How To Store Pliers

The great thing about a multi-functional tool like pliers is how useful they are in so many, many situations. From grasping to crimping to cutting to bending - they're a proven, must-have tool for anyone working in trades, at DIY or even home jewellery. For plumbers, mechanics, engineers and even the guy fixing a lawnmower on Saturday morning, pliers are essential.

In fact, they're such a go-to tool that you'll probably end up with a number of them, each for a different job at hand. You'll have a pair of general pliers, maybe some pump pliers, side cutters, bull nose, needle nose and snap ring pliers. Before you know it, the tool box will be full of pliers and it'll be time to organise and take care of them.

If not looked after properly, pliers have a habit of cluttering up work benches and tool boxes, and taking up much more space than they need to. So, what is the best way to store pliers at work or at home? Here are some ideas.

Plier Racks

Also called a tray set, plier racks are the most common way to organise pliers. Made of wire or plastic, the tray is not unlike organisers used in the kitchen. They have slots of for arranging pliers or, in the case of wire racks, they have slots for inserting pliers. These can be easily adjusted to fit simply by cutting them to size with wire cutters or a hacksaw.

These are a great way to optimise space in any tool box or drawer. They keep pliers stored safely in one space where they are readily accessible, and you can group similar pliers together. They are also made as both vertical and horizontal racks depending on where you're going to store them - horizontal is best for toolboxes, vertical is ideal of bench tops.

Tool Rolls

When you have a small number of pliers, a tool roll might be all you need. Essentially it's a series of pouches on a canvas or leather strap in which you can store tools, then roll them up into a neat parcel. They're perfect for tool bags as the roll will protect the pliers from other tools in your bag or toolbox.

They're a common way to carry larger tools like water pump pliers. Some tool rolls have zippable pockets that are perfect for housing smaller or more delicate pliers.

Peg Board

This is the best way for storing tools and pliers in a workshop because it creates a vertical storage space. Simply fit hooks, pegs or doweling into the pre-drilled holes and hang up your pliers. It's tidy, it's safe, it's easy, it's efficient and best of all, it's cheap!

Jewellery Block

This neat solution sits on a bench top and is ideal for jewellery work by keeping pliers organised and upright. This helps prevent accidental damage to delicate jaws and edges. It also maximises work space and efficiency by keeping all your pliers together and at arms reach.

Pliers are such a valuable, all-purpose tool that it's important to store them properly. It will help you save time, save space and protect your pliers from accidental damage. Check out the wide range at RS today.


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