What are List of Phobias

List of Phobias - Names of Phobias for Competitive Exams

The versatility of the human mind permits it to fear almost anything, and science is usually quick off the mark with a name to fit each situation. Those that are not covered scientifically may be coined for the occasion, as is the case with many of the following conditions. If you have a particularly weird, unidentified phobia, perhaps you could invent a name for it yourself--unless you have VERBOPHOBIA, fear or dislike of words. (Not a common occurrence among Word Ways readers, I suspect.). Here is a list of unusual phobias, one for each letter of the alphabet. How many of them do you suffer from? Just affix "fear of" to each definition.

Most of us are probably aware that someone with a morbid fear of strangers or foreigners is suffering from XENOPHOBIA. Similarly, a person with an abnormal aversion to closed spaces is the victim of CLAUSTROPHOBIA, while others who dread large open areas are displaying AGORAPHOBIA. Many people have an exaggerated fear of spiders, but would probably not know the name for this if it were not for the movie ARACHNOPHOBIA.