Mainmark: Get the Best Products and Innovative Solutions

Mainmark: Get the Best Products and Innovative Solutions

Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand websites of Mainmark - the go-to choice when it comes to ground engineering and asset preservation. With over 25 years of experience, Mainmark has become an internationally recognized specialist. Our professional engineers are here to provide reliable and innovative solutions for ground engineering needs in both commercial and residential settings. We're proud of our long list of successful projects in Australia and New Zealand.

The is an expert in construction and infrastructure maintenance. Our system helps protect the environment and solves long-term problems by fixing them instead of throwing them away and starting over. This eliminates the need to displace assets or perform disruptive, arduous procedures, which pose environmental problems.

Over 25 years ago, we specialized in multidisciplinary land stabilization methods, soil compaction therapy, and ground support solutions for much more comprehensive land types, including homes, offices, roads, bridges, and more. With these methods, we can increase the ease and stability of the land, which is ideal for homes, offices, highways, bridges, and all other structures.

Mainmark offers unique, innovative solutions.

Mainmark offers customizable, problem-solving solutions to meet the needs of different types of infrastructure, industrial, commercial, civil, and mining sectors.

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting

Computer-controlled grouting eradication invariably allows one to be leveled from the inside without using hydraulic jacks and temporary transfer platforms. As a result, side ditches are unaffected and are not contaminated by propellants. On top of that, a very high level of precision is achieved, and excessive strain is placed on different sections of the building as each part's support is elevated together.

Permeation Grouting

The oldest and best pressure grouting technique is permeating grouting. It enhances sand and gravel and increases capacity in loose soil at the limit of 60 feet. The method is called a pressure cementing technique, forming a solidified mass to brace loads and fill in soil voids. This technique can be used for a variety of applications.

Shotcrete and Gunite

Shotcrete is a procedure where a wet concrete mix is pumped down a course and sprayed onto a surface using a nozzle. Gunite is a dry concrete mix where water is added during the spraying procedure, utilizing compressed air as the propellant.


Terefil is a dense, engineered clay that is utilized to take into account a variety of challenges in the business, development, and mining sectors. Terefil is an innovative, engineered clay material utilized to take care of various challenges in the geotechnical, engineering, and mining industries.


Mainmark offers the best products and innovative solutions with JOG ComputPermeation Grouting Permeation Grouting Shotcrete and Gunite Terefil. These products are designed to help customers solve their problems and accessorize their spaces. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Mainmark has established itself as a leader in the construction space. In addition, the company's commitment to providing quality customer service makes them a reliable partner for any project.


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