Most popular job categories on classified ad sites

Most popular job categories on classified ad sites

Portals for posting classified advertisements are among the fastest-growing forms of internet advertising. They are in vrabotuvanje charge of handling the display of the many various types of classified advertising, which are grouped into several theme categories, including those for cars, houses, schools, jobs, and services, among others. The primary driver of online advertising's development is its low cost. It's one of the most effective techniques to sell goods.

Age is a crucial consideration in online ads, it's vital to note.

For those between the ages of 25 and 44, free internet ads are quite popular, more well-liked than the age range of 18 to 24. Over-55 individuals are less likely to utilize internet classifieds than younger users.

Not every job position can be posted online or have great insight from being posted on a website. Below you will find listed some of the jobs positions that are most popular on the web from both point of view as employer and the employee.

Here are a few categories that are the most popular on these sites:

1. Waitress Staff

You will find hundreds of waitress jobs on a website. Since this is the kind of job that teens and students can do, you are more likely to find someone to hire for your restaurant or bar in a website rather than in traditional forms like newspapers for example.

2. Salesperson

This is also a job category that is very popular on these kinds of websites. If you are the owner of a store , you will most likely find your employee this way. Have prepared a very specific job description so you will not lose time looking at CVs that might not work for you.

3. Remote jobs positions

Since the pandemics agencija za vrabotuvanje people are used to working from home. And the best way to find a remote job is only the internet. There are various possibilities like: translators, virtual assistants, social media managers etc.

These are some najdi rabota of the most popular job categories on the internet according to the results. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t find employees or employment opportunities in other categories such as engineering, economics, finance or professions like plumber, electrician, technician etc. We suggest you try your luck and search firstly on the web and be careful to choose the right webpage for the job that you are looking for. You can search on websites like craigslist, linkedin or The possibilities are endless.

Classified as website are a great way to find seasonal jobs, part time jobs or a full-time job according to your preferences. It is unexpected how many companies are using the classified ad site to advertise their job openings. We advise that you check these websites on a daily basis in order not to miss any great opportunities! Here you can find a job in the hospitality industry, in the agriculture industry, in the marketing or it sector, construction work, and much more. Also you can register an ad on your own and have the employers contact you directly!

Happy job hunting!


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