NASM vs ACE: What's the Difference?

NASM vs ACE: What's the Difference?

Are you interested in picking up a container but unsure which certification is right for you?

Fortunately, when it comes to entry-level certifications, compared to others, there aren't too many differences between the various accreditations. In this archetype, NASM vs ACE is a fierce and sometimes protracted battle, with ACE seeming to have the upper hand.

Yet, both accreditations have their pros and cons. To get a clear picture of both certification bodies, read on for our comprehensive breakdown of the two.

What is NASM?

Nasm, formally known as the National Association of Sports Medicine, is an international standard for exercise and sports performance. It is generally considered the gold standard for certification for personal trainer certification and physical therapists.

Nasm is an evidence-based approach that focuses on developing exercise programs tailored to an individual’s goals and health status. Through ongoing research and education, Nasm provides certification courses, study materials, and resources to help fitness professionals provide customized exercises to individuals.

What is ACE?

ACE stands for American Council on Exercise, and they are a nonprofit organization that certifies fitness professionals and tests and develops fitness and health products. They provide certification, continuing education, and seminars for exercise professionals.

The ACE certification focuses more on general fitness, whereas the NASM certification has a more in-depth approach focusing on performance enhancement and corrective exercise. Therefore the ACE certification has a more general approach, whereas the NASM certification has a more specialized approach and is more technical.

Differences in Accreditation

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and ACE (American Council on Exercise) are two of the main accrediting organizations in the fitness industry. Each of them has one overarching mission: to promote and protect the health and safety of the public.

Although both organizations offer certification tests for personal trainers, there are differences between them when it comes to accreditation. NASM focuses more on corrective exercise and sports performance, while ACE focuses more on general health and fitness.

Differences in Salary

NASM and ACE are two certifications for personal trainers. Although both certifications are highly regarded and valid, there are differences in salary that may be attractive for some trainers.

Generally speaking, NASM-certified trainers can expect higher salaries due to the higher certification cost and the fact that it is more widely billed by medical professionals.

On the other hand, ACE-certified trainers may earn less because ACE is slightly cheaper to obtain. However, ACE trainers may specialize in physical fitness, which can result in higher salaries.

Differences in Cost and Quality of Study Materials and Packages

NAFSM and ACE both offer rigorous certification programs and top-level study materials and packages. The difference in cost between them is due to differences in the quality of the materials and packages.

For example, the NAFSM costs slightly more than the ACE since they offer more extensive study materials that are of higher quality and allow for a more comprehensive learning experience, such as with their online practice tests and personalized coaching.

ACE provides a lower-cost package, however, their materials and packages are more limited. In addition, they are more generic in comparison to the NAFSM. Start by getting certified for personal training to learn more.

Explore Between NASM vs ACE

The two main takeaways for the differences between NASM vs ACE are the various certifications they offer and the scopes of their practice. ACE offers a wide array of specialized certifications, while NASM focuses more on the basics of exercise sciences.

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