How Can Workers Best Contribute to a Positive Safety Culture in the Workplace

How Can Workers Best Contribute to a Positive Safety Culture in the Workplace

A recent study by Safe Work Australia has highlighted the behaviors of Australian employees towards risk-taking and rule breaking in specificsectors. The report indicates a laid-back attitude towards safety in some of the more high-risk industries such as construction, transport, and mining.

Workers employed in such sectors reported a need to regularly break the safety rules to meet their deadlines and get the job done by the end of the day.

Employers operating staff in such sectors must ensure that they do not set unrealistic deadlines that can put undue pressure on workers, put them in danger, or make them forgo health and safety rules.

Building and maintaining a durable, effective safety culture is a conscious and intentional process that requires continuous efforts and work to create, maintain, and develop a safety culture within the workplace or organization.

However, there are certain ways that workers can follow to contribute to a positive safety culture in the workplace. This post explains some of them.

Workplace Hazards & Accidents Statistics

Nearly 2.3 million people around the world surrender to work-related accidents or diseases annually. This corresponds to over 6000 deaths each day.

Globally there are nearly 340 million occupational accidents and hazards and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses every year.

These accidents and incidents cost a heavy amount to businesses which in turn has a bad impact on the overall economy of the country. Along with this, it can lead business owners to face legal and moral claims as a result of workplace injuries or accidents.

Therefore, employers have a legal duty to take whatever steps possible to protect the safety and health of their staff.

Factors to Contribute in Work Safety Culture

6 Effective Ways to Promote a Positive Safety Culture at Work

Below are some of the easy yet effective ways that employers and their workers can take to encourage a positive safety awareness culture:

1. Conduct a Thorough Workplace Risk Assessment

One of the effective ways that both employers and their staff can work together is by conducting a thorough examination of their workplace to see what are hazards present within their work environment, what is the nature of particular hazards, and what are the effective strategies and techniques can help mitigate it completely from the workplace.

Regular inspections and checks can help create a safe and secure environment for everyone to work without any danger.

2. Communication is the Key

Effective communication is a crucial step in building a positive culture. Efficiently communicating and reporting any health concern or issue to the upper management is a great way to control the hazards beforehand.

Good communication among the employers and staff members can aid toward a safe workplace culture and is beneficial for the businesses in the long run.

3. Be Clear on Consequences

To promote positive safety awareness culture within the workplace both employers and their staff must understand the health and safety risks that the nature of work may pose. Failure to follow safety measures can lead to severe consequences, but if employers provide their staff with clarity and show them that they are valued and what their actions can mean to them.

4. Adequate Training & Knowledge

Another tip that demonstrates the company?s commitment to the safety of its staff is by providing adequate training, information, and instruction to make them competent enough to work safely.

There are numerous health and safety courses that employers can opt for their staff like manual handling training, COSHH training, fire risk assessment training, PPE training, IOSH managing safely training, asbestos awareness training, and confined space training, and working at height training.

5. Staff Involvement

Worker involvement is also an efficient way to create a safe workplace for everyone to work. Employers involving their staff in the process are likely to experience increased staff retention, productivity, and business profits, along with a positive image within the industry.

6. Implement Ways for Continuous Improvement

Fresh and exciting initiatives are always a good way to encourage and promote a positive work culture within the industry. Employers must not settle for less when it comes to the safety and well-being of their employees or anyone coming into contact with their work.

They must always be proactively working to find ways and methods to integrate health and safety better at their work.


Health and safety are the top concerns of every workplace, business, or organization. It is also a legal and moral duty of business owners to prevent the safety and wellness of their staff at any cost. This post explains some of the ways that both employers and their workers can implement within their work environment to create and maintain a positive safety culture.

In the end, health and safety are not one person's job, the responsibility falls on every person to create a safe and ideal workplace for all.


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