The Potential Use of AI in Digital Marketing

The Potential Use of AI in Digital Marketing

One could not brag enough about Artificial Intelligence as it is widely known as a transformational technology, that has fostered change in almost all aspects of life. Be it our personal or professional landscapes, AI has slid into our lives successfully.

AI is already changing the face of marketing, helping optimize marketing tasks, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing conversions. But before we dig, let's understand what AI in marketing is and its potential utilization.

Understanding AI in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a simulation of human intelligence practices by computer systems. Robots, virtual assistants, chatbots, and automated vehicles, are all part of the AI world.

When it comes to AI in marketing, it enables businesses to improve and optimize their marketing practices by automating everyday marketing tasks to improve operational efficiency, garnering maximum customer satisfaction, and boosting their sales, and eventually ROI. For example, it will automatically send emails, and reply to queries, as well as help marketers take on-time actions for quick response, increasing customer satisfaction.

Businesses today necessitate having an impactful presence across all digital landscapes, and the fact that US broadband leaders have invested over $300 billion in internet infrastructure sums up that digitalization is irresistible for individuals and businesses alike. For your business, go to and discover the best option from America's best internet providers that fit your business needs and prospects.

It is anticipated that by 2025, around 97 million people will work in the AI space. And today, 35% of companies are already using it while 42% of companies exploring it. Other stats suggest that 91% of leading businesses are investing in AI consistently. All these figures attest to the growing need for AI adaptation, as it is crucial for business growth and success.

Ways AI is Impactful in Marketing

Improved Personalization

A report suggests that 40% of customers switched brands due to a lack of trust and personalization in 2017. Today, in the world of competitive business landscapes, it has become essential to connect with the audience. The way customers perceive marketing communication today is completely different from what it used to be back then through traditional means.

Besides, businesses also need to focus on emotional branding; connecting with people emotionally through their products and services. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, brands that focused on personalized and empathetic campaigns struck the right chords. Nike, for example, successfully pulled a campaign, with the infamous slogan “Play inside, Play for the world.” It managed to unite people around when day-to-day life was disrupted.

Moreover, interactive media has made it indispensable yet convenient for businesses to reach out to each customer individually. And that is where AI comes into play. AI enables marketers to design and project their promotional content tailored for customers individually rather than launching a generic marketing campaign to which half of the audience cannot even relate.

Predict Customer Behavior and Nurture Leads

AI helps marketers analyze a bulk of data quickly and more accurately, helping better understand the buying behavior and decisions of each customer. These insights into customer behaviors allow marketers to make well-thought-out and, more importantly, informed decisions. Thus, they implement their marketing strategies effectively that boost customer satisfaction and engagement.

Moreover, AI is also very useful in taking immediate action and nurturing leads. By using AI-driven strategies, marketers can convert leads into sales, fostering conversion rates.

Leverages Data Analytics

As said earlier, AI tools help collect, manage, and formulate data into comprehensible shape, making it easier for marketers to better understand how well a specific marketing campaign is doing. In this way, the underlying problems come to the surface, which is useful for marketers to take accurate corrective measures on time.

It also provides accurate predictions by analyzing the trends and patterns, allowing marketers to buckle up for risk management.

Effective Email Marketing

Needless to say, email marketing used to be a complex and tiring task. Today, by employing AI tools and strategies, marketers can create customized email campaigns. Marketers may use AI for customizing their email copy, reorganizing email campaigns, refining email lists, generating newsletters, getting follow-ups, and automating the entire process.


Human online assistants are the best, but ensuring 24/7 availability and efficiency is not a viable option for any business. But don't worry! AI has got you covered. AI chatbots are more powerful than ever, and they offer a personalized and human-like response to leads. On top of that, AI uses customer insights to take actions that are necessary to lead conversion.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur marketer, it is important to understand that AI will eventually become a blueprint for many aspects of business tasks, including marketing. The AI-powered tools enhance the efficiency of marketing tasks, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, and boosting sales and ROI.


Image Credits: Freepik

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