Professional Window Repair in Long Island by ARTAN Window Works

Welcome to ARTAN Window Works - your reliable partner for comprehensive window repair services in Long Island. With a commitment to quality and an expert understanding of local climatic challenges, we offer specialized services to cater to every aspect of window repair.


Our Services Detailed

Window Adjustment

  • Purpose: Correct issues from installation and wear over time, crucial for maintaining window function and energy efficiency.
  • Process: Involves realigning and readjusting the window frame and sealants to ensure smooth operation and seal integrity.

Wood Window Repairing

  • Importance: Essential for preserving the integrity and aesthetics of wooden windows, which are prone to weathering and rot.
  • Techniques: Involves treating, repairing, or replacing wooden components, and often includes weatherproofing to extend their lifespan.

Glass Replacement

  • When Needed: Essential when dealing with broken, cracked, or foggy windows which impair visibility and efficiency.
  • Options: We offer various types of glass replacements, including energy-efficient models, to enhance home insulation.

Window Mechanism Repair

  • Common Issues: Sticking, jamming, or failure to lock, which affect both security and functionality.
  • Resolution: We repair or replace faulty mechanisms, ensuring windows operate smoothly and securely.

Window Recaulking

  • Purpose: To seal air leaks, improve energy efficiency, and prevent water damage.
  • Process: Old, failing caulk is removed and replaced with high-quality new material, forming a tight seal.

Window Reglazing

  • Necessity: Required when the glazing putty deteriorates, leading to drafts and moisture problems.
  • Methodology: Involves removing old glazing, cleaning the area, and applying new glazing for a weather-tight seal.

Screen Repair and Replacement

  • Importance: Essential for maintaining ventilation while keeping insects out.
  • Service Scope: Includes repairing tears or holes or full replacement of the screen for optimal functionality.

Custom Glass Cutting

  • Customization: Tailoring glass to specific dimensions for various needs like tabletops or cabinet doors.
  • Precision: We use precise measurements and techniques for a perfect fit.

Choose ARTAN Window Works

Our expertise lies in not just fixing the problem but enhancing your home’s overall comfort and efficiency. Each service is performed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring longevity and performance.

Invitation for Service

Experience the ARTAN Window Works difference. Contact us for all your window repair needs and let our team of experts provide you with efficient, reliable solutions. We’re here to enhance the comfort and value of your Long Island home.


  • Address: 13 Glen Ln, Glen Head, NY 11545
  • Phone: 516-788-8810
  • Email:
  • Working Hours: Mon to Fri - 08 AM to 06 PM, Saturday - 10 AM to 03 PM, Sunday - Closed


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