Questions to Ask an Air Conditioning Technician

Questions to Ask an Air Conditioning Technician

In the US, 75% of households have air conditioning. If you are one of them, then you dread being stuck in a hot house during the hot summer months. One of the best ways to avoid getting frazzled in the summer heat is by choosing to install an air conditioning unit.

Once you've decided it's time for AC installation, the next step is finding an air conditioning professional. Not sure what to look for when searching for the right person for the job? Check out these essential questions to ask an air conditioning technician to help make things easier.

Are You Certified in Providing Air Conditioning Services?

One of the most important questions to ask an AC technician is if they are certified in providing air conditioning services. Ask for the specific certificates, licenses, and credentials that the technician has. This is to prove their qualifications so you know you're getting a qualified professional.

It's also wise to ask how long they have been providing services and if they specialize in any specific type of air conditioner or system. Lastly, inquire about their typical services. Ask how often they recommend getting service, and any warranties they offer.

What are the Most Common AC Problems You Have Encountered?

A quality technician will be able to provide an honest list of commonly encountered residential air conditioning problems. Such problems may include broken compressors, refrigerant leaks, fan malfunctions, electrical wiring problems, and clogged air filters. Other problems may include thermostat sensor malfunctions, dirty coils, and ductwork issues.

By understanding what kinds of problems the technician has encountered in the past, you can better assess the knowledge and expertise of the technician. Furthermore, understanding the most common AC problems can provide homeowners with insight into potential preventative measures to take.

You may also want to ask the AC technician about certain topics. You may want to find out what is polybutylene pipe to get a better understanding of it.

How Much Do You Charge for the Job?

When asking an air conditioning technician how much they charge for the job, it is important to consider a few key questions. Ask them if they have a flat rate fee for each job, or if the cost can vary depending on what services are needed. Depending on the technician, you may also be able to get a quote upfront before determining if the technician is the right one for the job.

Also, ask them what information they will need in order to accurately calculate the cost. It may include the make and model of your air conditioner and the type of service needed.

How Do You Handle Customer Complaints?

Ask them how they usually address customer complaints, do they listen to and address any problem the customer might have, or do they just try to come to a resolution and move on? Also, ask them if have any processes in place to track and follow up on customer complaints. Find out what measures they may have in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

Only Work with a Certified and Experienced Air Conditioning Technician

You cannot just hire anybody when your AC unit has problems. Asking the right questions when scheduling service with an air conditioning technician can help ensure the job goes smoothly and you receive the best service. Be sure to ask the technician questions about their experience, their availability, and the cost of the job.

Additionally, ask if the technician is licensed and insured. Doing so can help ensure a successful working relationship.

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