What are Similarities between Algae and Fungi

Write down what are the main similarities between Algae and Fungi or similarities between Fungi and Algae.

Similarities between Algae and Fungi

1. In both algae and fungi, Vascular tissue system is absent.

2. Both of them occur in aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats.

3. Both in algae and fungi the plant body is not differentiated into root, stem and leaves i.e. they are thallophytes.

4. Majority of algae and fungi are eukaryotic except blue-green algae.

5. In both, the asexual reproduction occurs by accessory or microspores.

6. Both groups can reproduce by vegetative reproduction by fragmentation.

7. Sex organs are unisexual, naked in both groups, i.e. no protective covering for sex organs in both groups.

8. The gametic union does not produce an embryo stage.


Similarity between Algae and Fungi

Similarities between Fungi and Algae