Similarities between Earth and Mars

Similarities between Earth and Mars

What are the Similarities between Earth and Mars?

Similarities between Earth and Mars

There is always a speculation that Mars was very much like Earth, capable of supporting life and home to a native civilization. Earth and Mars are very similar and very different at the same time both earth and mars are terrestrial planets that orbit within our solar system. Mars and Earth actually have a lot in common. Between the two planets, there are similarities between Earth and Mars in size, inclination, structure, composition, and even the presence of water on their surfaces.

Just like Earth, Mars has water, frozen underground and at the polar caps. There is evidence that this water has, in the past and present, flooded the surface in liquid form. Signs of erosion can be found on the slopes of craters and volcanoes. Geological features resembling those on Earth suggest that Mars was once a wet and hospitable planet.

Both planets have seasons and similar rotational patterns. Mars is roughly in the same heat range as Earth, being next-door in the solar system. Furthermore, we can say if it had a thicker atmosphere the two planets would share the same climate.

Mars and Earth are very different planets when it comes to temperature, size, and atmosphere, but geologic processes on the two planets are surprisingly similar. On Mars, we see volcanoes, canyons, and impact basins much like the ones we see on Earth. Many of the same physical land features we see on Earth also exist on Mars.


Similarity between Earth and Mars

Similarities between Mars and Earth

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