Similarities between Gravity and Magnetism

Similarities between Gravity and Magnetism

What are the similarities between gravity and magnetism?

Similarities between Gravity and Magnetism

1. Geophysical exploration techniques that employ both gravity and magnetic are passive. By this, we simply mean that when using these two methods we measure a naturally occurring field of the earth.

2. To understand magnetic and gravitational forces, we can use identical physical and mathematical representations

3. The acquisition, reduction, and interpretation.

4. Vary from place to place.

5. Both are Vector fields.

6. Both fields are force fields.

7. Drift correction is applicable in both methods.

8. Both fields exert force with a speed equal to the speed of light.

9. The gravity and magnetic methods are often referred to as potential methods. Furthermore, the gravitational and magnetic fields that we measure are referred to as potential fields.

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Similarity between Gravity and Magnetism

Similarities between Magnetism and Gravity

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