Solo Living: The Simplified Guide

Solo Living: The Simplified Guide

People move to a new city because of the opportunities that await there. For new people, it's usually a job in the big city. For older people, it might be a big life change spurred further on by external factors such as a breakup or, worse, the death of someone close to you. Living alone may be exciting to some people. On the other hand, the idea can also be terrifying to others, especially if they are used to having many people around.

What should you expect from living alone? For one, expect to have new and complicated feelings about living alone. Another would be more responsibilities, which will include cleaning, budgeting, and of course, dealing with your loneliness.

New Feelings

It's normal to feel a wide range of emotions when living alone. From excitement to nervousness, many emotions are involved when living alone for the first time. On the one hand, there are opportunities for you to become more independent. On the other hand, that also means more responsibilities.

That also means you have less social interaction. There is also the issue of accountability. Accountability is challenging for others as you will be responsible for how you live.

A perk though of that is that you have freedom and independence. You can decorate the place anyway you want. You can also walk around in it just wearing your underwear. These choices, however, may come with their implications.

According to Tamir Aldad, the CEO of Mindful Urgent Care, living alone can be great for developing coping skills and handling adversity. Those who have never experienced living alone have a high risk of being dependent on those they live with. They may also suffer from lacking the skills to overcome life challenges.

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Lonely and need more company? Consider bringing along plants to your space. Plenty of "resilient" plants will do well with minimal water and sunlight. They provide fresh and clean air and warmth to your home.

If there are air purifiers around, go for them, too! They can also help make your home cleaner in the air department. In addition, air purifiers come in many shapes and sizes, so there will be one that fits you and your room.


One of the biggest challenges of living alone is being responsible for your living. The most crucial aspect of your living alone is the budget. That means balancing your budget to make the most out of it - enough for savings, a balanced diet, and enough to buy clothes and other daily needs. This means you have to track your expenses per month, too.


Now that you live alone, you will be the one who will have to clean your messes. Most have grown up hating cleaning, but when they've lived alone, it's become a relaxing hobby. One way to keep your home clean is to keep it on schedule. You can set up a calendar for cleaning and chores to balance them with working eight (8) hours daily.

You can try to do certain things every day, like hanging up the clothes and putting the shoes away.

Wrapping Up

Solo living can be a challenge for newbies. However, with some tricks, it is possible to thrive!

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