Starting a side hustle that does not require much time

Starting a side hustle that does not require much time

Are you looking for to start a side hustle that does not require much time, a small business with flexibility, and financial control and give you good passive income. Owning anywhere from a few vending machines can be a controllable, successful business for owner of any experience level. You can start your vending business even without quitting your full-time work. A vending machine business for sale is one of the most upcoming business trends with less investment and consistent profit for a long term. It not only generates income but also allows you to gather the benefits of a small business owner. All of this without the drawbacks of opening a store or a franchise.

What are Vending Machines Used for ?

Vending machines are devices used in various places to store and dispense various types of merchandise, including drinks, snacks, children's toys and consumer products, in response to customer requests and appropriate payments. Vending machines provide many benefits for customers and operators. Vending machines usually provide services that are convenient and independent for customers 24x7.

The main advantage of buying a product from a vending machine is that it provides uninterrupted access to the items in it, allowing consumers to make purchases at times that are convenient for them. Large-scale retailing is possible through vending machines by placing the machine at a convenient location such as petrol pumps , railway stations , airports etc. The buyer inserts a coin or token in the machine and receives a specific quantity of product from the machine. Older vending machines were mechanical, but most newer ones are electronic. Many modern vending machines can accept debit or credit cards in addition to cash.

Steps for Starting a Vending Machine Business

1. Set up Your Business

Register your busineess, it just requires an LLC registration, a vendor licenceand business assurance. You can take help of your state agency in the process.

2. Consider Your Possible Products Options

Food and Drink machines are the best possible options to start with; you can also opt for bulk vending that provide specialty products. /

3. Find your Wholesalers

Looking to do business the first thing to consider is best profit options. Serach the wholesales who offer you best rates for machines and products.

4. Find the Right Locations

Consider locations which are best as per the products you decided to use for a vending machine to get high footfall from the target customer. You can consider various locations, including office buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, train and bus stations, laundromats, mall and shopping facilities.

5. Stock the Products

Deal with the wholesales who can give you large stock at best market rates. The best practice is to consider site-specific requirements when purchasing stock for your vending machine.

Types of Vending Machines Business

Most of the common types of vending machines supply are:

Food and Beverages Vending: Food and Beverage machines dominate the overall vending machine market when it comes to revenue generation. Some of the common products are water, enegy drings, candy bars, healthy diet snacks, Juices, soft drinks etc.

Snack Vending: Snack vending machines form a frequent type to offer instant snacks or chocolates which can be eaten right away are primary products in snack vending machines.

Combo Vending: These machines are loaded with dispensing snacks like chocolates, cookies or chips as well as chilled soda bottles, while storing them at the optimum temperatures that they require to be served at.

Bulk Vending: Bulk vending machines include gumball machines or smaller vending machines that only offer specific types of candies including chocolates, hard candies or candies with a toy. Bulk candy machines are mechanical machines that vend a handful of candy, a bouncy ball, or perhaps a capsule with a small toy or jewelry, for one or two coins The gross margins in the bulk candy business can be quite high.

Advantages of Vending Machine Business

Greater Distribution

Manufacturers and Wholesalers always look forward on Vending Machines Suppliers as an efficient distribution channel for their products by appropriately locating them in spaces liable to get more trade in their product range.

Low Cost

Without too much labor and employment cost, these machines provide companies with the chance to break in new markets nd portfolios.

Enhanced Visibility

The vending machines not only serve as a distribution unit but also serve as a display unit; creating enhanced visibility of products in the competitive segment and increase brand recognition.

Effective Advertisement Platform

In addition to just merely offering products for sale, the machines also serve as an effective advertisement vehicle; which attrcats customers, adds to build customer base and enhance brand value.

24 hour Service

Vending machines function 24 hours a day, 365 days a year serving customers.

Guaranteed Quality

Vending Machines store quality product that are safe and secure with hygienic environment. It not only increases the company credibility but also satisfies customers in terms of product quality and quick availability.

Repairs and Maintenance

Since vending machines are in public spaces, they are subject to damage and or have functional issues as they operate 24x7. Keeping a regular checkup of your machines in your schedule will lead to better profits and customer satisfaction.


The vending machine business drives billions of dollars globally each year.It doest matter about your financial states as the vending industry offers an opportunity to manage your own business with a small investment and time. You just require a couple of machines to generate considerable income from your vending machine business.


Image Credits: Freepik

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