Is TikTok a Valuable PR and Marketing Tool?

Is TikTok a Valuable PR and Marketing Tool?

TikTok has been exploding in popularity and I notice it being used in different ways in our society, far more than other platforms are being used. For example, politicians are using it to cut together neat videos that shed them in a positive light. Companies of all kinds are obviously using it to boost their marketing efforts and a new kind of influencer has emerged through TikTok, more powerful than ever in its ability to reach a lot of people.

As you scroll through this social platform and are fed videos the algorithm believes you'll enjoy, it's interesting to see the variety of content. And the engagement on most of these videos is astonishing. How can someone dancing make such an impression on 5 million people in 48 hours?

It's a crazy new world and it's being used for lots of fun. But is it actually an effective PR and marketing tool for businesses, politicians, and organizations, or is it better used for a little fun?

(1) TikTok can get you in front of a huge audience - for good or bad.

?The old saying of ?any PR is good PR' isn't the case when it comes to platforms like TikTok. A gang mentality can pile on and the repercussions for a company or politician, if they cross a line or are viewed to be insensitive, can be very serious. TikTok definitely has its advantages and it can be a marketer's dream when used appropriately. But it can also be dangerous. Be careful with how you use it and be strategic in your decision-making when using it, especially if you have to discuss sensitive topics in our society.?

Thanks to this insight from Claire Lamb, an experienced business professional and the PR Director for Skout PR.

TikTok certainly appears to be a double-edged sword and the comment section can be a dangerous place, especially if you end up on the wrong side of a group of people.

(2) TikTok allows you to create a personal connection.

?I believe TikTok is as effective as it appears, both for a marketing strategy, as well as certain PR campaigns. TikTok (and Instagram to some extent) allows you to create quality content and create a personal connection with viewers while also relaying a message or update. You can take any PR and marketing strategy you've been working on and convert to TikTok. With this platform, you receive a much larger audience, the ability to amplify results, and you can make a more personal connection with your audience. It has major elements that can help your company grow. Will it last forever? Probably not, but I'm pretty confident in its capability in 2023.?

Thanks to this insight from Darcy Cudmore, someone with vast experience in PR and marketing, and the Founder of Darcy Allan PR.

I'm fascinated with the evolution of TikTok and the power it has right now in the online world. There's a strong algorithm behind its creation, but there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the videos that go viral. It's a playground for marketers to work on and it can do wonders for you if used correctly. When used incorrectly, it can cause a lot of damage to your brand and image.


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