Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: Top Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: Top Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Did you know that people spend an average of 182 hours per year in the bathroom, and it's a haven for many Americans. In a survey of 2,000 people, 51% of respondents reported going to the bathroom for peace and quiet. So, if bathrooms mean so much to people, why not make it a comfortable experience? Many homeowners recognize the significance of toilets in their lives and are willing to invest in them. According to a recent report, 71% of American homeowners are eager to spend more money upgrading their washrooms.

However, people don't just remodel their bathrooms out of necessity. They desire both functionality and style. In fact, 52% of design experts suggest an ideal bathroom combines captivating aesthetics with a well-organized and efficient space. If you're tired of your outdated and plain washroom, you can spruce it up with the following projects.  

Glass showers 

Traditional tubs take up much of your washroom space and are difficult to clean. Instead, it would be best to consider tub-to-shower conversions to free up space and install trending walk-in frameless glass showers. They are a popular remodel for many bathrooms because of their sleek and modern design. They are also easier to clean and customizable to fit your space. However, avoiding a misfit and clumsy setup would be best while installing glass showers. Their glass doors and custom enclosures need a professional touch. An amateur installation can result in ill-fitting shower doors that bump into your toilet or cheap and wobbly glass doors.

Instead, you should hire the help of a trustworthy company like Quality Craftsmen. They are an experienced Bathroom Remodel company with 30+ years of experience and accredited with the BBB while maintaining an A+ rating. These professionals can effortlessly build an effective glass shower enclosure in tight spaces using rotating doors. They will also use high-quality materials to prevent a damaged and cheap-looking installation.

The biggest mistake you could make with a glass shower installation is to hire the most affordable remodeling company without checking for experience to cut costs. However, this compromise may end with botched installations, which 75% of homeowners regret. If you want to avoid joining the 69% of homeowners embarrassed by their poor home improvements, consider hiring the help of bathroom experts. 

Install smart faucets

Smart faucets can save around 700 gallons of water yearly, saving 30% of your water bill. Their touchless features also prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They automatically turn off once you've left the sink, significantly reducing mess and water wastage. Since direct contact is unnecessary, these faucets stay free of fingerprints and smudges. 

Smart faucets provide much-needed relief from the problems of traditional faucets. From dust accumulation and grime on its handles to forgetting to turn off the tap, upgrading to smart faucets creates a more convenient bathroom experience. 

Hang wall art

There is scientific evidence that viewing art lowers stress levels. In a 2021 study by Karnik, 61% of participants reported that seeing artwork calms them down. So, suppose you want your bathroom to be a relaxing space. In that case, hanging artwork can significantly impact your experience. With the right art pieces, you create a focal point in your bathroom, which adds character and charm to your space. To choose appropriate art pieces to hang in your washroom, you must consider the following aspects: 

  • Humidity resistance: Your bathroom can get humid, damaging your chosen art piece. To avoid this issue, consider humidity-resistant materials like photographs and paintings. It would be best to encase them in glass for extra protection. 
  • Size: You should avoid hanging multiple large art pieces and overcrowding your wall. Instead, choose three or four smaller frames and group them to create a unique combination. 
  • Lighting: It would be best to ensure that your piece is visible. Consider adding small spotlights or LED borders to accentuate the art. The proper lighting can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your frame.

By choosing art pieces that match your style, your bathroom instantly becomes an attractive space that is uniquely yours. You can convert your bathroom into a soothing and beautiful area that uplifts your mood whenever you go there.

Upgrade vanity 

A vanity is a central focal point, which sets the tone of the bathroom. Investing in a new vanity can refresh your bathroom's look and completely change its style. A well-designed vanity can also help you declutter by providing ample storage space for toiletries and essentials. You can choose from multiple types of vanity to spruce up your bathroom according to your style. Whether you opt for a modern, classic, or rustic look, each design can completely alter the overall look of your bathroom. You can also upgrade your vanity by adding a new mirror, lighting, and faucets.

When upgrading your vanity, it's essential to focus on practicality to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom. You should accurately measure the available space and carefully plan the layout to ensure the vanity fits appropriately. You should also choose high-quality materials that offer durability and an attractive finish. Don't forget to decorate it with accessories like soap dispensers, towel holders, and trays.

Add plants 

Research suggests indoor plants reduce anxiety and stress, lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. They are particularly soothing because they bring a touch of nature into your space and purify the air. A bathroom's humid environment is perfect for plants that thrive in moist environments because you won't have to put much effort into their maintenance. Some of these plants are: 

  • Peace Lilies: Consisting of shiny, dark green leaves and elegant white flowers. However, keep out of reach from pets as they are poisonous. 
  • Snake plants: They resemble a snake's skin and have tall, upright leaves that are thick and leathery, with green and yellow patterns.
  • Orchids: These long and elegant flowers come in vibrant colors like pink, purple, and yellow. 
  • Devil's Ivy: It is also known as Pothos and features heart-shaped leaves with striking patterns, such as marbled green and yellow. 
  • Spider plant: Their arching leaves resemble spider legs with green and white stripes. They trail gracefully and look beautiful while hanging. 

Grouping several plants can create a lush indoor garden and make a decorative statement. You can strategically place these plants to receive indirect sunlight by placing them on countertops, windowsills, or hanging from the ceiling. You can also add wall-mounted planters or shelves if you have a small bathroom. 


Upgrading your bathroom allows you to experience luxury. You can transform your sacred space into a comfortable and appealing haven that you can enjoy. So, why waste it? You deserve a renovated space that fits your style. So, use the ideas in this article as your guide, and create your dream bathroom.

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