8 Easy Ways to Make Your House More Comfortable and Cozy

8 Easy Ways to Make Your House More Comfortable and Cozy

Have you ever wondered how other people's houses look so nice and comfy? The ones on television and in magazines are staged, but your home can look (and feel) almost the same.

If you're living in a fast-paced city like Philadelphia, the heightened demands of your lifestyle can tire you out. A busy urban lifestyle might be glamorous, but we all need the comfort of home at the end of the day. Philadelphia is known for its long work hours, with more and more people working overtime each year. 

This busy life can leave many folks exhausted and burnt out after some time. The entertainment options here are exciting and vibrant, with a diverse cultural scene and a happening nightlife. After you're done balancing your social life, work demands, and family needs, you need a haven of comfort to return to.

You know what we mean. Comfortable home settings stand out in magazines, TV shows, and perhaps your imagination. Soft couches, overstuffed pillows, and poufy beds that you can sink into. However, is all of this achievable in real life? Here are some easy ways to try out right now:

1. Invest in a Good Mattress

When you think about being comfortable at home, curling up in bed is one of the first images that come to mind. Before working on the rest of the house, focusing on the bedroom makes the most sense. After all, this is where you'll get most of your relaxation. 

Start with the basics, like your mattress. Sleeping on a poor-quality mattress can cause backaches, body pain, and many other issues. A poor-quality mattress can also lead to sleep disorders. Recently, Philadelphia was ranked as the number one city for worst sleep health. So, investing in a good quality mattress will not only resolve backaches and body pain but also improve your sleep health. Purchase a mattress from a reliable Philadelphia Mattress Company, and you'll be able to sleep more comfortably.

2. Focus on the Entrance

The entrance of your home is the first thing anyone sees when they step inside. Spend a little time and effort in making that space more pleasant. This way, you'll create a positive and welcoming vibe. A few ideas for this area include: 

  • A beautiful light fixture or a string of fairy lights; either way, good lighting is what counts
  • An interesting piece of artwork
  • A welcome sign or trendy doormat at the front door
  • Fresh flowers in a vase or plant pots on a little table

You get the picture. The aim is to have an uplifting tone right from the get-go. The entrance area may be small, but it can help lift your mood on the worst days.

3. Coordinating Throw Blankets

Get some quality throw blankets in coordinating colors. You can put them on the couch, on the bed, or on a large armchair. Simple touches like these encourage visitors and residents to get comfortable right away. You can also keep a heated blanket on your bed for extra comfort during winter. 

If you have several throw blankets, collect them all and put them in a beautiful decorative basket. They'd make a nice display and be handy for anyone to grab if they plan to stay for some time. 

4. Purchase a Comfortable Couch

Your bed might be more important for comfort, but the couch is where you hang out with friends and family. Make sure everyone is comfortable by investing in a soft, supportive couch.

A couch is one of the most functional furniture pieces in a home. Ensure to buy a quality model with sturdy upholstery and plenty of room for cushions. If you're planning to purchase a new one soon, check out some of the best couch options for functional and stylish living rooms. 

5. Highlight the Mantelpiece for the Fireplace

If your home boasts a fireplace, try to make that area stand out. Make a special effort during the fall and winter since this space will be a focal point. You can decorate the mantle using flower vases, decorative knick-knacks, awe-inspiring artwork, candles, etc. 

You don't have to go out and buy themed decorations for your fireplace. Look at what you already have. Chances are that this spot will uplift some decoration pieces lying around your home right now. 

There's also no need to make the mantle a target for several decorations. If you have a large painting or mirror, hang it above the fireplace.

6. Bring in Some Nature

Having fresh flowers or plants can instantly uplift any space. Just the presence of nature can give a nice vibe to your home. You can pick flowers that go with the theme of your living room or start a small herb garden in the kitchen. 

If you're not interested in maintaining plants, consider getting a few succulents. They'll give you that nice green color in any room without needing water too often. Some species might even give you a couple of brightly-colored flowers. Once you get comfortable with having succulents, you might take another step and invest in some hardy houseplants for a cozier look. 

7. Enhance Lighting

The right kind of lighting can make all the difference in a room. Of course, you want to be able to control the brightness of your lamps and bulbs according to different occasions. For a cozy movie night, you don't need much lighting. However, parties and family time are much more fun when bright, cheerful lights are everywhere. 

Good lighting will make the space more inviting and enhance your home's interior design. If you get new light fixtures, see if they have a dimmer option. This way, you can control the brightness level and have a cozy environment in no time. 

8. Go for Light Paint

Dark colors might be good for certain bedrooms, especially if the occupants prefer such shades. However, light paint colors will probably work best for the more common spaces in your home. They'll open the space, making it seem larger, warmer, and more inviting. It will also be easier to add the fabric colors of your choice to the upholstery, cushions, throw blankets, and so on. 

The light paint color will work alongside the lighting in the rooms. These two features can make any space look cozy and welcoming. 


The tips above can help you create a cozy, comfortable, and welcoming environment for your home. They might not apply to every house or climate, so choose what suits you best. But getting proper bedding, improving lighting, and uplifting the entrance are easy ways anyone can try. Once you try an idea, step back and view your house as an outsider.

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