What is Total Blocking Time?

What is Total Blocking Time?

PageSpeed Insights is a tool by Google to measure Performance of Web Pages. The main objective of PageSpeed Insights is to score a website. It works on the optimization of the Website's LCP, CLS, FID and you have TBT, also known as total blocking time.

Total Blocking Time (TBT) is the amount of time during which prolonged threads block the main task and affect the view of a page. TBT is used for helping the main thread perform and not overload.

Basically, It represents how unresponsive or responsive a page is before it interacts with the page. Example This happens mainly with long tasks which are prolonged. A task which is over 50 ms would be termed as a long task. A long task lasting for 70 ms, will have 20s total blocking time.

Here, we have decoded all that you have to know about Total Blocking Time.

The Role of Total Blocking Time in SEO and Search Rankings

A long task lasts for more than 50 milliseconds. This generally has the tendency of blocking the main thread. Any over that time would be considered the total blocking time.

The user's input doesn't interrupt or stop that running on the browser. Main threads are basically the center of all attraction. To make the page more appealing, the main threads work as a whole. The main thread basically does all the work and loads for the website. Such a thing makes it way more easy with Total Blocking Time.

Only the time longer than 50ms is considered as blocking time. By optimizing for Total Blocking Time, website owners can not only improve their user experience but also boost their search engine rankings. The Total Blocking Time has an impact on the SEO rankings.

Importance of Total Blocking Time for Mobile-First Indexing

Lately, Google has been developing their Mobile-First Indexing process better and improved. Here, the importance of total blocking time for mobile indexing is the primary thing to do. You need to make sure that the impact is at the right place and at the right time for mobile surfing too.

Most people are more on their phones than they were ever before. More than searching on their desktops, people are switching to their phones.

You get exactly a simple service that you need and instill it in your personal device too. Mobile usage is prevalent and that is fixed at first for the betterment of the website usage.

total blocking time

Google's Emphasis on Page Speed and User Experience in its Ranking Algorithms

PageSpeed plays a vital role for almost everything, especially when it comes to optimizing and emphasizing on the website. Google's Emphasizes on PageSpeed and that is utterly meant for your audience's response to your website.

The PageSpeed metrics works on this matter, making Loading time a leading factor for Ranking Algorithms too.

This is mainly due to Google's Page Experience algorithm. It takes Core Web Vitals, including Total Blocking Time, into account when ranking websites in search results. This is moderately due to the parameters set by Google which determines the PageSpeed score.

Your visitors would reach your website at first, when you're at the top of its ranking. A fast website would help you get a better ranking and that is the leading factor for traffic generation too. A faster site speed reduces the Bounce rate of the user's switching to another website.

Commonly made Total Blocking Time Related SEO Mistakes:

Too many JavaScript

JavaScript is highly related to Total Blocking Time. When there are too many JavaScripts are heavy for our website, which is also one of the leading reasons for executing Total Blocking Time. To improve JavaScript Execution, one needs to work with:

  • Minimizing the Size of JavaScripts
  • Reducing Server Requests by Caching Javascripts

Render-Blocking Resources

Render-blocking resources are parts of code in website files mainly the Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript. This makes a web page load really slow. Such parameters generally take a prolonged time for the browser to optimize.

render blocking resources

Slow Server Response Times

The total time taken by the website to respond to the user's request is termed as Server Response Times. When you have a slow server response time, it would lead to a poor user experience. Such a thing accelerates the Total Blocking Time for your website.

How to improve Total Blocking Time?

To improve your Total Blocking Time, you should use a tool like RabbitLoader. This would help you reduce Total Blocking Time and Improve the overall user experience.

  • Minimizing JavaScripts: Reducing the size of your javascripts always helps the user get the best results on their website. This would reduce the Total Blocking time on your website.
  • Removing Duplicate code or Unnecessary Codes: It reduces the excess load on your website which reduces the TBT too.
  • Caching JavaScripts: This is mainly done to reduce the server request for your website. This would reduce the total blocking time too.

Well, these were some of the things you had to know about the Total Blocking Time. Improve your TBT and that would help your user experience at its best.


Image Credits: Freepik

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