What Should Be Included In a PPE Kit?

What Should Be Included In a PPE Kit?

Did you know that workplace injuries and illnesses cost the US an estimated $250 billion each year?

To stay safe in dangerous workplaces, you need the right gear to protect against hazards. Without PPE, the chances of acquiring long-term injuries or harmful diseases increase dramatically. Likewise, improperly using PPE increases the risk of worker injury and death.

If you work with dangerous chemicals or materials, you need PPE kits for protection. Each kit contains different equipment and clothing, depending on the task and the area.

With this in mind, what should be included in a PPE kit? Continue reading below to learn more.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles provide protection from liquids and dust. It protects the eye from potential injury. These glasses must be comfortable and prevent fogging so you can see clearly.

Appropriate safety goggles must be chosen based on the expected work environment. Workers should also have PPE training for maximum safety.

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are important as they help to protect the wearer from potential harm, such as cuts or burns. Depending on the environment and task, different types of gloves should be used.

Choose gloves made of durable materials like nitrile, latex, or polyurethane for better protection. It is important to ensure the gloves fit properly. Ill-fitting gloves increase the risk of hazardous exposures.

Lastly, educate workers on the appropriate glove type, method of use, and care. When properly used, gloves can reduce the risk of injury and illness.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is necessary to prevent hearing loss from loud noises in hazardous environments. This could include earmuffs, which cover the entire ear, or ear plugs that fit within the ear.

Additionally, the kit should include ear plugs on lanyards, which help to keep the plugs accessible and in an easy-to-find location. Finally, the PPE kit should contain a robust form of hearing loss prevention education to ensure that users are informed about their environment and the health risks present.

Respirators or Breathing Apparatuses

When considering respirators or breathing apparatuses, you should include several components. To start, we should give out disposable masks for different hazardous environments. In addition, give respirator filters and cartridges to filter out contaminants in the air.

To prevent glasses from fogging up, the mask should have an exhalation valve that lets air out. To keep the respirators effective and safe, include cleaning supplies and inspect all components. Employers keep workers safe in dangerous environments by including these items in the kit.

Here are the PPE Kit Essentials

A workplace PPE kit should contain protective items such as goggles, gloves, hearing protection, and respirators. By equipping each employee with these essential items, employers and employees alike can be sure that proper safety precautions are being taken in the workplace.

It is important to always follow the instructions on the PPE kit's label to ensure the highest level of safety. Invest in the right kit and protect your workers with the right Personal Protective Equipment today.

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