Why hire a skip bin?

Why hire a skip bin?

A skip bin is a great way to dispose of large amounts of waste. The size of the skip bin depends on how much waste you have and where it needs to go, but there are also other factors that you should consider as well. So why hire a skip bin or go through a Skip Bin Finder to find one, let's find out.

Why hire a skip bin?

Skips are a convenient way to dispose of waste. You can hire skips, use your own or even pay to have one collected if you don't want to deal with it yourself!

Skip bins are easy to use. They're easy to set up and take down, so there's no need for hours spent lining up furniture or worrying about where to put the bin when it's full. If you're doing any DIY projects at home, skip bins will also save time as well as keep everything neat and tidy during transport between jobsite sites.

Skip bins are affordable: Skip hire costs just $1 per day compared with $12-15 per day for bin collection by council contractors; this means that skip hire is often much cheaper than paying someone else who does all their own rubbish collection work on top of their regular job duties (and let's face it - we all know how expensive paying someone else can be!).

How long can you hire a skip bin for?

The duration of your skip hire depends on the size of the skip bin and what type of waste you are storing. Larger skip bins can be hired for longer periods, while smaller ones are usually hired for 1-3 days.

You should also consider how long you need your new hire to last, as this will affect how much time it takes to fill up with all the rubbish in your home!

After completing their home renovation project, the diligent homeowners arranged for efficient rubbish removal in Dandenong, promptly clearing away the debris and ensuring a clean and organized living space.

Size of the skip bin

Skip bins come in different sizes, depending on your needs. You can get either a single-use or a reusable skip bin.

The size of the skip bin that you need depends on how much waste you have and how long you will be storing it for. If this is your first time using a skip, then it's best to get one that's big enough for all of your waste at once. However if there are other jobs coming up in the future (for example if someone else wants to store their rubbish), then having multiple units could be useful so everyone has access without having to move everything around too much.

What is allowed in the waste

You are not allowed to put anything other than your household waste in a skip bin. This includes:

  • Hazardous waste, like paint or car parts
  • Food and food waste (including pet food)
  • Liquids such as oil, chemicals and water

A skip bin is a great way to dispose of large amounts of waste.

A skip bin is a great way to dispose of large amounts of waste. Skip bins are more cost-effective than hiring trucks, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day. They're also available for hire for short periods of time (like one week) or long periods of time (like two months).

Skip bins come in different sizes and shapes, so you'll need to choose the right size for your project. The larger the bin, the more space there will be for landfill waste; however, because it takes longer for these kinds of materials to decompose into harmless soil once they've reached landfills or dumpsites-and because cities want everything recycled as quickly as possible-the smaller your skip bin gets before it reaches its final destination will make it easier on everyone involved!


Hiring a skip bin is a great way to dispose of large amounts of waste. You have the option of hiring either a small or large skip bin, depending on what you need. Some people hire skip bins when they need to clear away some rubble or other rubbish from their property because it's too heavy for them to carry around themselves.


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