What is the name of fear of the Rain Phobia ? The answer is

Question: What is the name of fear of the Rain Phobia ?

Answer: The Name of the Phobia for Fear of Rain is Ombrophobia

Ombrophobia or Pluviophobia is fear of rain - an anxiety disorder seen more commonly in children, and teenagers. The term Ombrophobia originates from Greek 'Ombros' meaning "storm of rain" and phobos meaning "fear or aversion". Symptoms include: an irrational, persistent extreme fear of rain, trembling, palpitation, sweating, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, fainting, feeling numb, heightened anxiety, panic attacks, monitoring of weather forecasts, avoidance of outdoors during rainy days.

Cause theories of Ombrophobia : The fear can be actually be rooted in the genetic composition of a person. Rain can be responsible for calamities like floods and landslides to occur. Thus, every human being has a self-defense within to respond to these strong and heavy rains. When this survival instinct goes to the extreme, it may result in ombrophobia.

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