10 Good Habits for 12-Year-Old Kids to Acquire

10 Good Habits for 12-Year-Old Kids to Acquire

Habits are a belief in how to live a life. Most of the time, it depends on the individuals they have to acquire good or bad habits.

But, if a habit is inculcated in a child at a young age, that habit remains lifelong. That's why I've come up with this short blog where I will reveal some of the good habits you can help your 9-12-year-old kid acquire.

Acquiring these habits can help them to live a better and healthy life. Also, these habits are adapted at a very young age, so leaving these habits would be pretty hard.

So, let's talk about those good habits.

List of 10 Good Habits for 12 years old kids:

You can encourage your child to adopt these habits.


reading habit

Reading is the best habit in this list as it helps to develop their imagination and vocabulary. When they read different genres, they grasp additional knowledge from various fields.

You can search for books for 12-year-old kids and give them to read. The genre doesn't matter. It can be fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, adventure, thriller, mystery or anything else. What matters is to help them to adapt a reading habit.


Next, we have exercise. To keep your little ones physically fit and active, engage them in sports activities, light workouts, or Yoga. It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After 10 years, this habit will help them to achieve their dreams as it will keep them active all the time.

Time Management

time management habit

At this early age, you can teach your child to manage time wisely and try to realize the value of time. Show them how to prioritize tasks and maintain a schedule.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is very important at this age. In school, I used to have a negative attitude and used to see everything negatively.

That was a disturbing phase of my life as this negative attitude affected my mental health.

That's why physical fitness is essential as well as mental health, is also important, and a positive attitude can help with it.


responsibility taking habit

Sometimes kids don't want to take responsibility even after becoming an adult. This happens due to the pampering we do at an early age. They get used to it and don't even think about taking any responsibility on their own.

Encourage them to take on small responsibilities like remembering when to pay the electricity bill.

Good Communication

Good communication is one of the significant skills that makes you a good human being, as this can help you in every phase of life. Whether you are going to take an interview or you are going to propose someone.

So, teach your child to communicate effectively and respectfully and express their thoughts and feelings.


If a kid's life focus is pretty essential as they need to pay focus while studying, focus while watching movies, focus while reading a book.

These mindfulness techniques, like meditation or deep breathing, can help improve focus and manage stress.


If you are child is not being thankful for what he or she has in life, then there is a high chance that they'll not be successful in their life.

Even their respect towards their parents and others will also be low. So motivate them to practice gratitude and appreciate the things they have in life.

Goal Setting

Every person in this world has a specific goal in their life, and the person who doesn't have any goal they don't even want to live a life.

So, goal setting should be compulsory in every child's life. You should Help your child to set achievable goals and work towards achieving them.

Social Skills

Well, humans are social animals, and they should know how to socialize with people. It can help your child to make good friends.

Even introverted kids should also know how to socialize with others so they don't have to spend their life alone.

You should teach your child to develop good social skills, make friends and build positive relationships.

Wrapping Up

I hope you understand why these habits are essential for your 12-year-old kids. You try to develop these habits for your kids so that they can become good individuals in their life and can prove as an asset to their parents, city, country, and the world.


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