What are Advantages of Hydropower and Hydroelectric Energy

Hydropower or hydraulic power is the force or energy of moving water. It may be captured for some useful purpose. Hydropowers are manifested in the force of the water on the riverbed and bands of a river. Here on this page we will see various advantages of hydropower and hydroelectric energy. It is particularly powerful when the river is in flood. There are many forms of water energy:

  • Hydroelectric energy is a term usually reserved for large-scale hydroelectric dams.
  • Wave power uses the energy of waves. The waves usually make large pontoons which go up and down in the water leaving an area with reduced wave height in the “shadow”.
  • Tidal stream power captures energy from the flow of tide usually underwater plant resembling a small wind turbine.
  • Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) uses the temperature difference between the warmer surface of the ocean and the colder lower recesses.
  • Deep lake water cooling although not technically an energy generation method can save a lot of energy in summer. It uses submerged pipes as a heat sink for climate control systems.

Advantages of hydropower and hydroelectric energy :

  • Once the dam is built, the energy is virtually free.
  • No waste or pollution is produced.
  • Much more reliable than wind, solar or wave power.
  • Water can be stored above the dam ready to cope with in demand.
  • Hydro-electric power stations can increase to full power very quickly unlike other power stations.
  • Electricity can be generated constantly.