The Complete Guide to Achieve Successful Salesforce Development

The Complete Guide to Achieve Successful Salesforce Development

As companies in different industry verticals keep growing, they tend to face the need to improve their operations and workflow through advanced technologies. While a few companies create their in-house applications, many are taking the help of Salesforce development to customise applications that can help them improve customer relationships while simplifying their workflow.

But as you plan for Salesforce development, there are numerous things that you have to take care of before you go ahead with the plan. This article will help you understand all aspects of Salesforce development and everything you should keep in mind before you start. But before that, let’s understand what Salesforce development is.

What is Salesforce Development?

When we talk about Salesforce development, it covers the buildup of features and design of the CRM application on the Salesforce platform. In other words, Salesforce development means creating and customizing applications using different programming languages like Visualforce and Apex and other tools used exclusively for Salesforce.

Salesforce offers companies the ease of amazing integration functionalities and multitenant architecture. This allows teams to integrate their existing systems with Salesforce and easily view data from all those systems and applications within Salesforce. With this ease, the team members of any company do not have to keep switching between multiple systems they use whenever they need any information, as Salesforce would have it all.

Salesforce Development Best Practices

It’s all fine to consider Salesforce development for your business. Still, it is important to note that if you want to make the development work well, you must follow the best practices.

It is essential to be very careful while developing Salesforce applications. Only a Salesforce development company with experts well-versed in the best practices of development can make the application that suits exactly for your business. It will keep helping you in the long run.

So, to make your Salesforce development here, here are some of the crucial best practices that must be followed during the development process.

1. Make sure to define the customization criteria

Before starting the development process, it is essential to understand the types of customizations required for the business. In this context, the developers should know where you want your business to grow and what goals you seek to achieve with a Salesforce application.

This makes it necessary to have a clear picture of the features that you expect your business app to have that could centre on your goal, whether it is about improving the productivity of employees or achieving a boost in sales.

2. Always make use of registered API tools

You can find some tools that are quite easily available to work on Salesforce development. But along with that, there are several open-source libraries provided by Salesforce that could help developers boost the development process and improve the quality.

As developers would use Apex, they can work on building customised functionalities for crafting highly structured applications that can be integrated with the existing systems and applications.

3. Follow a governance process

We’ve heard that many Salesforce development processes fail because of some complex functionalities and operations involved. That’s because they lack a governance process to keep the best development practices in check.

You need to ensure having a well-established governance process. It will help you and other team members ensure that everyone follows the relevant standards throughout the development process. This even enables better communication among the development team members and helps to ensure that all follow the same process and template.

4. Define the needed skillset of the developer

It might be important that you need developers for a designated period of time, depending on the company and its business goals. So, if you prefer to hire a team of Salesforce consultants and developers for the respective development process, it is required to be mentioned clearly.

It is essential to define the team strength and skillset you need while considering the kind of application you need. You need to bring the industry segment you work for, the type of project, the number of functionalities required, and the delivery timeline of the application into consideration.

5. Give importance to testing

It doesn’t matter what customizations you’ve gone for or what functionalities you got created for your Salesforce app. Make sure it all goes through the testing process. Getting the application and the functionalities tested would help to ensure that the end users would have the experience with the app just like you expected.

To test any functionality, you can go for both manual and automatic testing. Here, you need to ensure that you have a reliable quality assurance team that can identify any errors in the functionalities and get them fixed before the launch date of the application.

You’ve now learned the best practices you should follow while developing your Salesforce app. But it will all be handled by a team of Salesforce developers, and you need to have a checklist ready, so you get only a trusted company onboard.

Finding the Right Salesforce Development Company for your Business

Getting your business a reliable Salesforce development company is how you can start your development plan. Let’s go through some points that will help you make the right choice of Salesforce developers.

1. Domain expertise

You need to look for a Salesforce development firm that has worked in this area for a long time and has created Salesforce applications for businesses in your industry segment. You can also consider having a look at the portfolio, if possible, to know the type of applications they’ve created for similar businesses.

2. Check certifications

It is essential that you only hire Salesforce developers who have the respective certification for that. The Salesforce certifications are a clear way to understand the skills and capabilities of a Salesforce developer and will give you an idea of whether the respective developer is qualified enough to handle your Salesforce development project.

3. Know the team size

To get your Salesforce application developed the right way, you don’t need Salesforce developers but an entire team of experts, including business analysts, consultants, testers, and other professionals. So, make sure you know the team size of the firm you’re hiring and ensure it has all the professionals you need for your Salesforce development project.

4. Learn about the methodology

Businesses these days are only going for agile development methodology for their Salesforce app development. So, this makes it necessary to ask for the methodology the development company is going to use beforehand, so you both are on the same page.

Start the Salesforce Development the Right Way

From understanding what exactly Salesforce development is to follow the best practices, there are many factors that you have to be aware of before starting the development process. But most importantly, you need the right team of Salesforce professionals who can handle the development process and can provide you with a functional Salesforce solution just like you expected.

Get such an experienced team of Salesforce developers with 360 Degree Cloud and start your development process on the right note. Talk to our respective Salesforce experts about the business challenges you’re facing and get the right suggestions on the Salesforce app you need to overcome those for better growth.


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