Difference between Inductive Effect and Electromeric Effect

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Inductive Effect and Electromeric Effect. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Inductive Effect and Electromeric Effect

S.No. Inductive Effect Electromeric Effect
1 It is a permanent effect. It is a temporary effect.
2 The presence of nmltiple bond is not essential. Presence of multiple bond is essential.
3 Polarity of bond is essential. Polarity of bond is not essential.
4 Partial charge sepriation takes place. Complete charge separation takes place.
5 No ions are formed. Ions are formed.
6 Attacking reagents is not essential. Attacking of reagents is essential.
7 Displacement of electron do not leave their molecular orbital. However, distortion of electron position cloud takes place. The displaced electrons leave their orbitals and attain a new position.
8 It involves more displacement of electrons. It involves complete transference of Pi-electron.

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Difference between Electromeric Effect vs Inductive Effect

Inductive Effect vs Electromeric Effect

Differences between Electromeric Effect vs Inductive Effect

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