Difference between Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Instagram Post Feed and Instagram Stories. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories

S.No. Basis of difference Instagram Post Feed Instagram Stories
1 Time it exists Evergreen. Post stay in your profile forever. Fleeting<. Stories disappear after 24 hours./td>
2 Audience Reach Ideal for reach. Posts get discovered by new audience. Ideal for engagement. Existing audience can easily engage with the stories.
3 Sound play role Sound off. Most viewers are scrolling with the sound mute. Sound on. Above 70% of the stories are watched with sound.
4 Content Type and Planning Curated. Feed content is usually planned out. Off the cuff. Stories are shared in the moment.
5 Brand Role Feed are the content for your official brand and its the face of the company. Unofficial brand. Stories are place to casually check-in.
6 History Already established. Many brands have already built a strategy. Early days. There is lots of room for improvements and experimentations.

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Difference between Instagram Stories vs Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories

Differences between Instagram Stories vs Instagram Feed

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