How to Leverage the Skills Gained from BCom Course

How to Leverage the Skills Gained from BCom Course

BCom is the most popular degree after engineering and arts in India. And it is the most preferred choice for commerce students as it offers enormous career avenues for them. But are you aware of the fact that there are various skills you learn during your BCom course at BCom University in Mumbai that can impact your career? Yes, you read it right by leveraging certain skills you can elevate your career in the corporate world.

Curious to know what those skills are and how they can benefit you in escalating your career? If yes, then give this article a read.

  Table of Contents:

   1. All about BCom course

   2. How do skills learned in the BCom course help graduates in their future careers?

   3. How Universal AI helps you in gaining crucial skills during the BCom course?

   4. Final thoughts

   5. Frequently Asked Questions

All about BCom course

BCom is an undergraduate course in the field of commerce. And students who are interested in making a career in finance & accounting related industry choose this course. After the new draft norms prepared by UGC, certain Universities such as Universal AI have started offering BCom courses for 4 years.

BCom Course highlights of Universal AI University

Course Level Undergraduate
Course Duration 4 years
Minimum Eligibility Applicants from the Indian board should have scored minimum marks of 65% in classes 10th & 12th.
Course Fee INR 1.98 LPA
Higher education Options MCom, MBA, CA, CFA, FRM, BAT, CIB

How do skills learned in the BCom course help graduates in their future careers?

  1. Analytical skills- While studying at BCom University in Mumbai, students develop an understanding of the critical decisions that must be made when managing a firm. Students learn how to read, understand, and analyse data in this course, helping them make better judgments. And skills help them perform their management job with ease.
  2. Accounting skills- To secure a job after BCom in any organisation, possessing accounting skills is the basic requirement. Accounting is one of the core disciplines in the B.Com, and it helps students acquire the necessary accounting skills.
  3. Numeracy skills- Having numeracy/ quantitative aptitude skills is very crucial to make a career in finance, taxation, and data management. Few recruiters that visit BCom University in Mumbai administer students by conducting aptitude tests to evaluate their numeracy abilities.
  4. Problem-solving skills- Companies want to recruit candidates who are capable of bringing out an effective, economical, and practical solution for different organisational problems. And applying this learned skill from your BCom course will help you in solving alternative case scenarios.
  5. Communication skills- BCom course at BCom University in Mumbai helps students in developing communication skills through projects, presentations, and various competitions organised at the college. These skills help students in persuading job interviewers as well as help students in maintaining balanced relationships with their colleagues, seniors, customers, vendors, etc.
  6. Innovation skills- Leading BCom Colleges in Maharashtra prepare their students to be innovative & creative by assigning different projects and through real-life industry and internship exposure. And as you will be joining the business world either through a job in a corporate/public company or will start your own business venture, having this skill will give them an added advantage in any work profile.
  7. Financial Analysis- During your undergraduate course at BCom Colleges in Mumbai, you will learn about concepts and skills related to derivative markets, investment markets, portfolio management, etc., and while applying to jobs related to investment banking or corporate finance having financial analysis skills will be very helpful.
  8. Team- Management & Leadership skills- In an organisation, there are various projects in which you have to work in a team or have to lead the team. And being a leader, you need to encourage your team, be patient, innovative, etc. And BCom courses successfully teach you these skills by assigning you different team projects, presentations, etc.
  9. Knowledge of Taxation- Best BCom colleges in Mumbai teach taxation concepts and skills to their students and as it is a complicated skill, corporate houses look out for highly skilled people with knowledge of taxation that can help organisations in tax management.
  10. Knowledge of Accounting software- Possessing knowledge of accounting software like Tally, excel, Zoho Books, cloud accounting, and ERP software will give you an edge over other applicants at the time of recruitment. These skills also help you in getting a higher job position in the organisation.

How Universal AI helps you in gaining crucial skills during the BCom course?

  • This University in Mumbai gives equal importance to experiential learning and offers internship opportunities to students in the 2nd & 4th semesters of the BCom course.
  • The University also includes subjects like Design thinking & innovation, data visualisation, collective bargaining & negotiation skills that help students to gain various technical & soft skills.
  • Here, the students are taught with a multidisciplinary approach that helps them to cultivate problem-solving abilities.
  • The faculty members also assign various projects, and research papers to make students learn team management, leadership skills, analytical skills, etc.

Final thoughts

BCom course offers a varied range of knowledge and skills to students that help in their overall development. Additionally, help in availing the benefit by leveraging those skills to get the best career opportunities and in performing the job at the workplace. And if you seek to learn the most relevant industry knowledge and skills you can take admission to BCom University in Mumbai for studying BCom degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the career options available for BCom graduates in India?

The career options available for BCom graduates in India are-

  • Account executive
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Business Analyst
  • Accounts Manager
  • Tax Consultant
  • Teacher
  • Business Consultant

Is BCom a valuable degree?

Yes, pursuing a BCom degree from the top BCom University in Mumbai such as Universal AI University is a worthy investment. Such Universities will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the global corporate world. Additionally, it will help you gain placement in top companies in the industry.

Can I do an MBA after BCom?

Yes, you can do an MBA after completing BCom if you want to gain expertise in a particular domain and want to enhance your career opportunities in the corporate world.

What are the subjects in BCom?

The subjects you study in a BCom course will vary according to the University's course curriculum. However, the major subjects you study during the BCom course are-

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • Accountancy & Financial Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Business Taxation
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Global Business Environment
  • Portfolio Management


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