The successful Brazil women's national volleyball team

The successful Brazil women's national volleyball team

Brazil is a country that has been highly successful in many sports. The mobile software offered by 1xBet is a really useful app for any sports fan! Punters can enjoy its features while wagering on lots of disciplines.

Probably football is the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about disciplines where Brazilians participate. However, the South Americans have also been extremely successful in volleyball. So much so that both their male and female national teams are considered among the best in the world. Right now a really useful mobile app for any sports fan is the one provided by 1xBet, which among other things can be used to wager on volleyball.

Different competitions

The Brazilian women’s national team has taken part in many competitions throughout their history. Of course, not only have they participated, they have also won plenty of them. Some highly detailed live score and match analysis of football, tennis, basketball and baseball can be found on 1xBet, where volleyball is also featured.

Some of those tournaments include:

  • the Summer Olympics
  • the World Grand Champions Cup
  • the World Grand Prix
  • the Pan American Games
  • the Pan American Cup
  • and the South American Championship

In all of those championships the Brazilians have obtained at least one gold medal. Great live scores and match analysis of tennis, football, basketball, baseball and volleyball are available on 1xBet, where Brazil is also featured. Because of these great performances, Brazil always ranks among the best national teams in the entire world.

Almost total continental domination

The South American Championship is a competition where, like their men’s counterpart, the Brazilian women’s team also has almost complete domination. On the highly complete 1xBet online betting platform you can watch live volleyball matches from around the world, where South American teams also take part.

In total, 34 editions of this tournament have been celebrated since 1951. Brazil won 22 of them and in 11 others they got a silver medal. The only edition where they didn’t get a medal was in 1964, where they simply didn’t participate. Therefore, Brazil has at least a silver medal virtually guaranteed whenever this tournament is played.

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