What Makes A Watch Cooler Than The Rest

What Makes A Watch Cooler Than The Rest

Not everyone knows what makes a watch a collector's item or how to find a good deal. Many people think that designer watches are the best way to go, but there are plenty of other options. That's why we're going to give you an insight into what makes a watch cooler than the rest and what makes it truly valuable in the eyes of collectors.

A Nice Strap

A nice strap is a great addition to your watch, especially if you want something more durable than metal ones. Leather straps are much more comfortable than metal ones and can be customized to fit your personal style better. If you want to take it up a notch, leather straps can even be dyed to match whatever outfit you happen to be wearing that day!

A Unique Bezel Or Caseback

A unique bezel or caseback is an easy way to make a watch stand out from the rest. A bezel is a ring around the outside of a watch face, which can be made out of different materials, have different styles and designs (i.e., hobnail, diamond), or even have some type of function such as rotating.

On the other hand, casebacks are found on automatic watches. They display information about movement parts or manufacture details such as serial numbers.
One example of a watch with interesting designs is a Seiko Submariner.

A Special Movement

You may have heard the term "movement" thrown around regarding watches. A movement is a mechanism that makes your watch work, and it is what you will find inside every one of our timepieces.

The movement has many jobs: It keeps track of time, indicates the date and day of the week, and tells you how much battery life is left in your watch (if you are using a battery-powered model). A cool watch can be made even cooler by having a special type of movement inside.

Some watches use quartz movements powered by electricity from batteries and others use mechanical movements which use springs or gears to keep track of time instead.

Quartz movements tend to be less expensive than mechanical ones because they're easier to manufacture; however, some people prefer mechanical movements because they feel more authentic or offer more interesting design possibilities such as tourbillons or retrograde displays that show information over longer periods rather than all at once on one display screen like those found on most quartz watches do.

An Interesting Dial

The face of a watch is called the "dial." It can be made from various materials with different color schemes, textures, and shapes. The dial can also have numbers and other markings printed on it.

A Unique Shape Or Size

When you think of a watch and its shape, you probably envision something round. That's not all there is to it, though. There are also square and rectangular watches that you might want to consider if you love their unique shapes.

The size and shape of your watch can affect your fit for two reasons: how long it is and how wide it is. A longer band will usually fit your wrist better than a shorter one. Likewise, a wider band will usually feel more comfortable than a thinner one on your wrist because it distributes weight evenly between both sides of your arm. However, this may not always be true depending on the material they are made from (for example, metal vs. plastic).

Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking for a new watch or just want to learn more about the ones you already own, we hope this article has given you some new ideas and insights into what makes cool watches so good.

No matter what your preferences are, there are lots of cool watches out there to choose from.

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