Difference between Induction Motor and Transformer

Difference between Induction Motor and Transformer

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Induction Motor and Transformer. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Induction Motor and Transformer

An induction motor is considered as a transformer with a rotating short-circuited secondary. The stator winding corresponds to transformer primary and the rotor winding corresponds to transformer secondary. However, there are differences:

1. The induction motor has an air gap, but the transformer has a core. Therefore, the magnetizing current in an induction motor is much larger than that of the transformer. For example, in induction motor is about 30-50 % of rated current whereas it is only 1-5% of rated current in a transformer.

2. In an induction motor, the stator and rotor winding are distributed around the periphery of the air gap rather than concentrated on a core as in a transformer (i.e., in the motor: leakage flux passes easily through the air gap) (i.e., in transformer: small amount of leakage flux passes away from the core). Therefore, the leakage reactances of stator and rotor winding quite large compared to that of a transformer.

3. In an induction motor, the input is electrical but output is mechanical. However, in a transformer, input as well as output are electrical.

4. Unlike the transformer, in the induction motor the rotor voltage, reactance and frequency are proportional to the slip s.


Difference between Transformer vs Induction Motor

Induction Motor vs Transformer

Differences between Transformer vs Induction Motor

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