Difference between Pig iron and Wrought iron

Difference between Pig iron and Wrought iron

Distinguish, compare, differentiate and explain what is the main difference between Pig iron and Wrought iron. Differences and Comparison.

Difference between pig iron and Wrought iron

S.No. Pig Iron Wrought Iron
1 Pig iron contains 4 to 5 percent carbon and other impurities such as sulphur, phosphorous, silicon and manganese. Wrought Iron is the purest commercial form of iron free from carbon.
2 The presence of impurities in it lowers the melting point. It is malleable.
3 Pig iron is brittle in nature. Wrought iron is ductile and stronger.
4 it can be melted and moulded into various shapes such as pipes, storage tanks, bath-tubes, stores, cylinder and other shapes. Wought iron can not used for molded articles.
5 Sheets and wires cannot be made of pig iron. It cannot be hammered into sheets and drawn into wire or given desired shapes.


Difference between Wrought iron vs Pig iron

Pig iron vs Wrought iron

Differences between Wrought iron vs Pig iron

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