Difference between Timber and Wood

Difference between Timber and Wood

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Timber and Wood. Comparison and Differences.

The word Wood is commonly used in many different situations i.e. woodcut, wood pulp, wood wasp, whereas the word Timber is not. An old British technical book on timber has a heading "The Seasoning of Wood" with a line "piece of timber".

The word timber refers to the wood used for construction. This word derives from old English word timbrian which means to build. Living tree yielding good timber is called standing timber. After felling and separating branches, it is known as rough timber. When bark its removed and stem is roughly converted into pieces of suitable length for transportation is known as log. After the log is seasoned and converted into commercial sizes like planks, battens, posts and beams, it is known as converted timber.

Difference between Timber and Wood

S.No. Wood Timber
1 A wood includes all types of wood which may be burning wood , structural wood, furniture wood etc. The wood suitable for use as a structural material is called Timber.
2 A Wood is commonly found in the stems and roots of the trees. It is natural composite of cello use fibers. Timber is used to refer to any stage of the wood after the tree has been cut down. This may include the felled tree, wood processed for construction , wood pulp for paper production etc. Timber is also known as Lumber.


Difference between Wood vs Timber

Timber vs Wood

Differences between Wood vs Timber

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