Differences between Bacteria and Viruses

Differences between Bacteria and Viruses

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences between bacteria and viruses. Comparison and Difference.

Differences between bacteria and viruses

1. We need Microscope to see bacteria. Viruses are smaller then Bacteria.

2. Bacteria need warmth, moisture and nutrients to grow while virus depends on living hosts.

3. Bacteria are divided into Aerobes and Anaerobes. Virus comes in Non Living.

4. Bacteria may be a Saprophytes or a Parasites. Virus are always Parasites.

5. Bacteria may be harmful or may be useful depending on circumstances. Virus are always harmful.

6. Harms which may be caused by bacteria are: Can cause diseases, example tetanus, TB, pneumonia, sore throats, food poisoning, cholera etc. Virus harms and cause diseases like Measles, Mumps, Poli, Flu, Cold Sores, Aids etc.

7. Uses of Bacteria in antibiotics, rot things. Virus are always harmful with no use.


Difference between Viruses vs Bacteria

Bacteria vs Viruses

Differences between Viruses vs Bacteria

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