Importance Of Educational Games For Preschools And Kindergartens

Importance Of Educational Games For Preschools And Kindergartens


When I was a kid, I used to hear my mum say gaming is detrimental to my health. It'll make me stupid, affect my time management skill set, and distract me from studying.

Well, it's not like she was not right, though.

If you play more than reading, you'll surely end up failing your examination. However, as a parent, I know how important gaming, especially educational ones, can help a child.

Due to this reason, the popularity of playschool is increasing on a regular basis. Let's keep reading to know more about it.

What Is An Educational Game?

An educational game is a form of entertainment that's designed to teach a child with regard to a specific subject. It's usually more critical for a kid who's bound to go to a preschool.

However, if you want, you can let a teenager go through the same page too. They'll certainly learn a lot from their experience, I'm sure of it.

Charades is an excellent example of an educational game.

While playing this one, you'll need to pick a student from the audience and tell them a word. Now, they'll need to portray the same to the whole classroom to help them guess it correctly.

They can't utter a single word while doing so.

How Are They Beneficial For Your Child's Health?

Playing an educational game can be pretty beneficial for your child, both for their growth and their overall development. Please keep reading to know more about it.

Advantage - 1: Boosts Their Memory Capacity.

Almost any educational game usually revolves around you memorising something and then executing it accordingly. Hence, if your child plays such a game, they'll be able to boost their focus and the ability to remember anything. Tracking important narratives will be easier too.

Advantage - 2: Helps With Problem Solving And Strategic Thinking.

Almost every game out there requires a kid to think quickly and capitalise on their decision. In addition to it, they'll also need to use their sense of logic to solve the problem efficiently. It can improve their logical efficacy and their ability to think quickly.

Advantage - 3: Simulation And Computer Fluency.

By playing an educational computer game on their PC, a child can get much more efficient in their approach to using a desktop. It also becomes easier for them to understand the keyboard and get used to the simulation techniques. Also, they can get more proficient in browsing.

Advantage - 4: Improvement In Social Interaction.

Sometimes, while playing a game, your kid will have to interact with other people closely. It, in turn, can improve their ability to talk in a social context confidently. Besides, they can also get to know about how others are thinking and converse with them accordingly.

Advantage - 5: Enhances Their Reading Skills.

By playing a board game, your child will be able to practise and improve their reading skills to some extent too. It can also be an excellent way to encourage a shy preschooler to interact with other people appropriately.

Hence, when you're vamoosing your child in a daycare, just leave a board game with them. This way, they can improve their personality without getting bored at all.

The Best Educational Games For Preschoolers

When you're searching for "the best play school near me," you shouldn't stop after looking at the teachers' list. In addition to that, you must take a look at their enlisting of games too.

Please keep reading this article till the end to know more about it.

Game - 1: SplashLearn.

SplashLearn is a purely educational game developer who focuses on developing your child's motivation to learn something new. The organisation have made games on -

  • Reading words.
  • Letters from A-Z, and
  • Sight words.

They also have a Mathematics gaming segment, which comes with -

  • Geometry.
  • Comparison and Counting.
  • Subtraction and Addition.

The presentation of each of these games is quite vibrant and will look pretty interesting in a kid's eyes. So, do check them out today!

Game - 2: Dora's Cooking Club.

The game, on the facet, looks like you have to create and cook a virtual recipe or two. But, it actually helps your kid learn other skills like -

  • Pattern Completion.
  • Number identification.
  • Shape recognition.
  • Measurement, and
  • Counting.

At this point, the game is only available on Nintendo DS, and it comes with quite a hefty cost. However, it's certainly worth the expense.

Game - 3: Sequence Game.

The Sequence game is all about forming several rows of five chips on the board spaces. They are going to be the same as the cards you have in your hands.

Now, your job is to get to the finish line before anyone else can. And, for that, everyone must create a strategy of their own and use their memory to remember everyone else's turns.

It can help in improving your child's -

  • Memory.
  • Skill to create a specific strategy, and
  • Visual skill set.

It's pretty challenging for an adult, so you, as a parent, can join in with your kid as well.

Game - 4: Scrabble Junior.

Scrabble Junior is all about teaching your child how they can spell something right.

And it helps them do so by placing tiles on letters and earning points after forming a correct and meaningful word.

The game is a little bit advanced, though and will only be ideal for kids who are five years or older. And, yes, it can be played in a school as well.

Game - 5: Battleship.

An oldie but goldie, Battleship is all about taking turns and defeating the ship of your child's opponent. In this game, both of you will take charge of a boat and hide them on a grid. Now, take turns and ?shoot? the other ship. Whoever sinks the other boat wins the game.

Although it might not look like it, Battleship is a challenging game and requires a mature brain to play correctly. So, I'll ask you to let your child go for this only if they are seven or older. But, if they can play well, their strategic analysis skill will improve massively.

Concluding It All!

When it comes to finding the best place for your child to play and learn, only searching for a ?preschool near me? won't be enough.

Apart from that, you'll need to know about the types of games they're offering as well, whether it's online or offline. Hopefully, that'll help you find the right place for your child.


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