Similarities & Difference between Cube and Cuboid

Similarities & Difference between Cube and Cuboid

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what are the similarities, difference between cube and cuboid. Comparison and Differences.

What is Cube?

A cube is a square stretched back into 3D. A cube has 6 flat faces that are all the same size, 12 straight edges that are all the same length, 8 corners (vertices).


Ice-cubes, Sugar cubes, Dice, etc. are all examples of a cube.

What is Cuboid ?

A cuboid is a rectangle stretched back into 3D. Not all the sides of a cuboid are same but opposite faces are of the same size. A cuboid has 6 flat faces of which 4 are long (rectangular) and 2 are smaller (square), 12 straight edges of which 4 are longer and 8 are shorter, 8 corners (vertices).


A match box, a brick, a book, etc., are all examples of a cuboid.

Differences between Cuboid and Cube

1. In cube, all the edges are of equal lengths whereas in cuboid all the edges are not of equal lengths.

2. A cube has square faces while a cuboid has rectangular faces.

3. In the cube areas of all the faces are equal whereas in cuboid areas only of the opposite faces are equal.

Similarities between Cube and Cuboid

1. Both have 8 vertices

2. Both have 12 edges

3. Both have 6 faces


Similarities & Difference between Cube and Cuboid

Similarities between Cuboid and Similarities & Difference between Cube

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