The Fastest Way to Grow Brand Awareness Online. But is it Legit?

The Fastest Way to Grow Brand Awareness Online. But is it Legit?

With the huge rise of ecommerce, the slow death of printed media, and print advertising in general, the place to grow brand awareness is now online.

Despite stories in the media of huge drop-offs from social network sites - Facebook in particular - there is still a very steady growth in new users on all platforms. According to Statista, there has been a rise in the number of users of social network apps and sites every year, and they predict there will be over 4.4 billion users by 2025.

Naturally, organic growth is the best way for any brand to grow its audience, but it takes time. A lot of time in some cases. There is another fast way, and promises results, but are shortcuts legitimate, or are these just black-hat techniques wrapped up to look kosher?

How do brands grow awareness online?

Today, many companies will develop a digital marketing strategy that attempts to develop awareness from many angles.

Social networking sites are highly popular, and many brands use these incredibly well. Rivals have been known to engage in banter on Twitter much to the delight of their fan base. Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendys are adept at poking fun at each other, and occasionally these tweets go viral.

Generating greater awareness can be achieved by producing captivating content and engaging with audiences. Utilizing app sites is a common strategy, and opting to buy app installs is a popular method to boost your application's install count.

Knowing how to add an app for your website is a good way to keep visitors online. The bounce rate for web pages is incredibly high, with most people's interest held for mere seconds.

How long can this all take?

To grow an audience online takes a sheer amount of effort and time. A lot of companies will employ at least one person to manage their social media, and many will employ a whole team.

Knowing where brands should focus their resources is vital to making digital marketing work. App installs may not directly impact SEO, but it does help to drive traffic, and grow awareness.

It doesn't happen overnight though unless you start to dabble in other areas. Some of which will promise to make your brand grow exponentially, with little effort.

What is the most efficient way to increase app install count online?

The quickest method to boost app installations is to employ a growth service specifically designed for app installs.

These services guarantee an increase in your app's install count by a certain amount within a specific time frame. They may offer a thousand new installations in a remarkably short period or even promise to deliver ten thousand installs.

Such offers can be enticing, particularly when you've been struggling to gain legitimate app installs while spending hours online, taking away valuable time from other business-related tasks.

How legitimate is an app install growth service?

And herein lies the problem. The best app install service will increase your installation count organically. They look for genuine users who will have an interest in your product or service. All of this is above board. You can then engage with these users, and in return, your audience will continue to grow.

Not all growth services are the same though. Use a bad one, and there are plenty available, and you will end up with an account full of fake downloaders.

If you do this, you will end up facing the consequences, and your reputation could be damaged badly.

Can you be banned for using a growth service?

The Washington Post reported in 2021 all the social media sites that had banned Donald Trump. But it isn't just ex-presidents that get removed for violating rules.

Ordinary users of social media, and companies, can find themselves being banned and suspended too.

One of the ways this can happen is through the use of bots and fake followers. As mentioned above, a lot of growth services fill out your account with people who either don't exist or are simply bots.


To enhance brand awareness on the Google Playstore, where Android has 3 billion active users, combine organic growth strategies with paid options. Invest in content creation and user engagement, and supplement these efforts with ad campaigns, influencer collaborations, and in-app promotions to optimize visibility and success.

The second option is to find a growth service that legitimately looks after your account and finds genuine followers. They will reach out to individuals who have the same interests as you and your brand. This way you stay within the app site rules, and you grow your business organically.


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