Difference between Electric Charge and Mass

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Electric Charge and Mass. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Electric Charge and Mass

S.No. Electric Charge Mass
1 Electric Charge may be positive, negative or zero. Mass of a body is always positive.
2 Electric charge is always quantized i.e. q = n e Quantization of mass is not yet established.
3 Charge on a body does not depend on speed. Mass of a body increases with speed.
4 Charge is strictly conserved. Mass is not conserved by itself as some of the mass may gets change into energyor vice versa.
5 Electrostatic forces between the two charges may be attractive or repulsive. Gravitational forces between two masses are always attractive.
6 Electrostatic forces between different charges may cancel out. Gravitational forces between different bodies never cancel out.
7 A charged body always possesses some mass. A body possessing mass may not have any net charge.


Difference between Mass vs Electric Charge

Electric Charge vs Mass

Differences between Mass vs Electric Charge

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