Difference between Fuse and MCB

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Fuse and MCB. Comparison and Differences.

Differences between Fuse and MCB

S.No. Fuse MCB
1 Works on thermal and electrical properties of the conducting materials. Works on switching principles and magnetism
2 Fuse does not give any indication of overload. It generally fuses or melts in case of excessive load. MCB gives indication on overload and trips off in case of excessive load.
3 Fuse need to be replaced with new one after faults as its gets damaged. In case of fault, MCB is just need to put-on after correcting the faults in the wiring.
4 There is a high risk of putting on the switch in case; due to ignorance higher capacity fuse-wire is positioned. Since we do not change the MCB, there is no risk of putting on the MCB switch temporarily even if the fault is not properly repaired.
5 It protect against power loads. It protect against power overloads and short circuits.
6 Works on melting/fusing due to high temperature. Works on Bi-metal expansion or induced magnetism.
7 It has porcelain base and top. It is small in size and compact.
8 Less Costly Relatively costlier than Fuse.


Difference between MCB vs Fuse

Fuse vs MCB

Differences between MCB vs Fuse

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