Difference between Force and Pressure

Difference between Force and Pressure

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Force and Pressure. Comparison and Differences.

What is Force ?

A push or a pull, that changes or tends to change the state of rest or uniform motion of an object or changes its direction or shape. A force arises due to the interaction between two objects. Force has magnitude as well as direction. The SI unit of force is Newton (N).

What is Pressure ?

The force acting on a unit areas of a surface is called pressure. Liquids and gases exert pressure on the walls of their containers. The pressure exerted by air around us is known as atmospheric pressure. SI unit of pressure: Pascal

Pressure (P) = Force (F) x Area (A).

Comparison and Difference between Force and Pressure

1. Force values are distributed across the selected geometry while pressure values are constant over the selected geometry.

2. Force can be applied to faces, edge and vertices. Pressure is applied only to faces.

3. Coomponents of force can be defined in all 3 vectors (local x,y,z). Pressure can only be defined in one vector.

4. Unit of Force is Newton N. Pressure is defined in units of force per unit area i.e. N/m2.


Difference between Pressure vs Force

Force vs Pressure

Differences between Pressure vs Force

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